Uttunga Jayewardene

Country: Sri Lanka

Company: Xylo Industries (Pvt) Ltd


Website: www.shopxylo.com

Facebook: @xylo.coasters

Instagram: @xylo.coasters


Xylo Industries was built on the dream of providing quality cork-based products in and around Sri Lanka. What initially started as a thought-provoking discussion between three friends has blossomed into a range of daily homeware environmentally safe products. In business for two years, Xylo’s goal is not only to produce environmentally sustainable tableware products but to conduct themselves as an ethically positive company, supporting underserved and disable communities through employment opportunities.

Santosh Pandey

Country: Nepal

Company: Offering Happiness


Website: www.offeringhappiness.com

Facebook: @Offeringhappiness

Instagram: @Offeringhappiness


Offering Happiness founder, Santosh Pandey, is the first surprise planner and happiness distributor in Nepal. Known as surprise planners, Santosh and his team offer innovative ways to capture lives most precious moments. The business distributes happiness through an array of products and experiences. To date, five million Nepalese have had quality experiences, sharing seminal moments regardless of the distance in between and lack of time.

Harry Sehrawat

Country: India

Company: Sanfe


Website: www.sanfe.in


Harry founded Sanfe after a family member experienced a health scare while on vacation. Today, Sanfe is dedicated to providing women affordable healthcare products as a preventative measure to fight infections. Through the social media campaign #StandUpForYourself, Harry is focused on drawing awareness to women health issues throughout India. He believes that it is time to empower women by supporting and promoting wellness, starting with his company.

Karma Jamtsho

Country: Bhutan

Company: Copy Cat


Website: https://copycat1.webnode.com/

Facebook: @copycatcnr

Instagram: @copycatcnr


During his first semester in college, Karma had an idea to combat the congestion he experienced at reprographic center on campus. His idea evolved into a 24/7 printing service called Copy Cat Printing. Karma founded a one-stop-shop for students printing needs. Knowing his audience, he developed a business plan focused on quality, affordability and the option of placing orders online. He hopes that Copy Cat will expand to install printers in remote schools throughout the country.

Naziba Naila Wafa

Country: Bangladesh

Company: Resurgence


Website: http://resurgencebd.org/

Facebook: @theyneedresurgence

Instagram: @resurgencebd


Naziba Wafa, Resurgence co-founder, is revolutionizing menstrual hygiene in low-income communities through low-cost, biodegradable sanitary pads made out of water hyacinth. Realizing the lack of sanitation prevailing in the slum areas of Dhaka, Bangladesh, Naziba took action to end community suffering, particularly among women with poor menstrual health.


Naziba along her team are taking further action to shatter the social stigma revolving around the topic. By empowering vulnerable populations, specifically underprivileged women, through education and employment opportunities, Naziba and her team are poised for success.

Peshala Dayanatha

Country: Sri Lanka

Company: Pol Sambol

School:  National School of Business Management 

During a conversation with friends, Peshala Dayanatha realized there was a widespread issue for Sri Lankan people to find authentic, non-processed food available for lunch during the work day. To solve this problem, Dayanatha launched PolSambol, creating a new delivery option for authentic food, while also creating jobs for stay-at-home moms. Like most entrepreneurs, he faced many challenges, including quality control and ensuring the food was prepared to the proper standard. In three years, Dayanatha plans to open his own PolSambol kitchen and move to a more environmentally friendly approach, using biodegradable packaging that creates zero waste.

Rohit Kumar Marwadi

Country: Nepal

Company: Agroculture Nepal pvt ltd

School: The Times International College 

Rohit Kumar Marwadi launched Agroculture Nepal after attending the 2013 Everest Summit, realizing his true potential and how he could make a difference in his community. Agroculture Nepal produces Chhrupi dog chews using an ancient Himalayan recipe. His product is manufactured in remote villages of Nepal and contributes to the livelihood of over 3,000 dairy farmers. He credits his success to building a strong team around a good work ethic, mutual respect and a thirst for learning. Marwadi’s vision for the future is not only to grow his company and diversify his product line, but to shape Agroculture Nepal into an ethical, patriotic and socially responsible company.


Andi Hilmy Mutawakkil

Country: Indonesia

Company:  Garuda Energi Nusantara

School: Universitas Negeri Makassar

With his passion to be the first biodiesel producer in eastern Indonesia, at the age of 20, Andi launched Garuda Energi Nusantara, a bioenergy company focused on producing biofuel sourced from used cooking oil. Andi has engaged with his surrounding community to collect oil from restaurants and hotels, to not only produce biofuel to be sold as fuel for industrial diesel vehicles and equipment, but also to help provide alternate fuel sources for the local fisherman. Andi’s vision for the future of Garuda Energi Nusantara is to diversify the used cooking oil collection approach and explore the potential of household oil waste as a new source for biofuel production.


Eshan Sadasivan

Country: India

Company: PROSOC Innovators Pvt Ltd

School: Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur 

Passionate about improving the lives of people who are less fortunate, Eshan worked to create his business, PROSOC Innovators Pvt Ltd, which develops innovative products and services that positively impact this population. The initial product of PROSOC Innovators is DESKIT, a unique lightweight school bag, combined with an ergonomic, foldable, portable and detachable table. This innovative design solves the challenge of poor learning infrastructures at schools and homes where students need to sit in a hunched-back position to study. This product allows the student to sit in a more comfortable position and reduces the negative effect on schoolchildren’s physical health. PROSOC has already distributed 5,000 DESKITs across eight states in India and Eshan hope to expand in the coming years with new innovative product offerings.


Pema Singye

Country: Bhutan

Company: Druk SmaTech Company

School: College of Science and Technology 

Studying electronics and communication at the College of Science and Technology in Bhutan, Pema Singye built his company, Druk SmaTech Company, where he focuses on consumer electronics devices. His user-friendly Smart Switch System operates electrical home applications like lights, fans, geysers and heaters which can be turned on and off using mobile apps either through Bluetooth or by remote IP-based technology, saving on energy. Apart from Smart Switch System(S^3), he built a machine called the Smart Milk Cream Separator to offer farmers an alternative to the unhygienic, century-old milk churners currently being used. Innovating, solving problems and improving the livelihoods of the common people, especially farmers, is the driving factor behind his entrepreneurial spirit. Singye’s plans for the future focus around designing and manufacturing other processing machines that will aid the farming industry in addition to other consumer electronics devices.