Maria Yzabell Angel Palma

Country: Philippines

Company: AirDisc Cooling Technologies

Maria is very concerned about the ever increasing atmospheric global temperatures projected to become an existential threat to humans and all life on earth. She is an inventor of AirDisc, which many consider a revolutionary cooling technology that will become a household name, as the era for refrigeration and air-conditioning has come of age. The invention is considered to be a replacement of a century-old technology that depends on widespread use of chemical refrigerants which has been discovered to have unquestionably disastrous global warming potential. It employs air molecules and atmospheric moisture with very low energy consumption. Her goal-mission is to preclude rapid climate change.

“I INITIATE, INNOVATE and INSPIRE for others to be bold and courageously go on to build on their dreams and inspirations.

Why not for a Wonderful World.”

Website: https://www.airdisccoolingtechnologies.com/
Facebook: @airdisccoolingtech