Muhammad Ali Khursheed

Country: Pakistan

Company: Aabshar

Muhammad Ali Khursheed started Aabshar Solutions Pvt Ltd with the aim to promote sustainable living and to assure water availability in the future. Aabshar originated from his pain. Four years ago, Muhammad suffered from severe liver damage because of the lack of availability of fresh water in his body. After recovery, he realized that 2,270 people (W.H.O. report) are dying every day because of lack of water. Aabshar’s first clean tech product, “Water Optimizer,” is installed as an add-on to water taps and saves up to 98% of the water, up to 40% of electrical energy and up to 60% on CO2 emissions. Muhammad Ali Khursheed hopes to expand globally as water scarcity is a global issue.

“I believe and always prefer creating a Social Impact over Money. My team and I believe Money is bi-product of an Impact.”

Website: https://aabshar.net/
Instagram: @aabsharsolutions
LinkedIn: https://pk.linkedin.com/in/ali-khursheed-7b542a141