Wong Shy Kit

Country: Malaysia

Company: Luminary

After observing the lack of clean water access among indigenous communities in Malaysia, Shy Kit started a tech-based social enterprise that designs off-grid devices to provide clean drinkable water for rural communities using solar thermal energy. The device is engineered to distil water sources such as rainwater and river water into drinkable water, suitable for household usage. To cater to the off-grid areas, the device is designed to be portable, user-friendly for maintenance and affordable. In five years, Luminary aims to deploy its devices across the Asia Pacific region, providing clean water for over 5,000 people.

“Through my social entrepreneurship journey, I believe that the way forward is not simply to look at money as the only quantifiable return as an entrepreneur, but making an impact should be a form of currency for us as well.”

Website: http://lumina-ry.com/
Facebook: @luminarymy
Instagram: @luminary.ide