Akriti Gupta

Country: India

Company: Canfem

Akriti has worked in the cancer field since 2015. She was recognized by the Women Economic Forum as a “Young Leader Creating a Better World for All” for her work educating and involving youth in promoting cancer awareness. Her initiative, Canfem, aims to help breast cancer survivors have a better quality of life after treatment. Canfem manufactures and markets affordable and comfortable external breast prostheses and mastectomy brassieres, helping survivors return to society with dignity and improved mental and physical health. The pilot program involved 2200+ patients and received a 93% satisfaction rate.

“I believe in inclusive growth, where my growth is not being a reason of decline of other and collecting learning, where I learn from anyone and at any magnitude.”

Website: http://www.canfem.com
Facebook: @infocanfem
Instagram: @can_fem