Ross Arsenault

Country: Canada

Company: Ashored Innovations

Ross started Ashored to address the fundamental inefficiencies and negative environmental impacts of commercial trap fishing. Ashored’s first products, MOBI and ATLAS, are an underwater buoy release system and accompanying gear tracking software respectively. Ross works closely with his team and network of partners to deliver innovative solutions that are actually practical and reliable for the user. Ashored has positioned itself to be the world leader in this ‘ropeless fishing’ industry, and will succeed by launching a fully modular product in Canada, the US, and UK, thus reducing rates of entanglements, gear-loss (and ghost fishing) and protection-based fishing zone closures.

“Becoming an entrepreneur has allowed me to like, respect, and take care of myself better than I ever have in my life.”

Website: http://www.ashored.ca
Facebook: @AshoredCA
Instagram: @AshoredCA

Roman Gilmanov

Country: Russia

Company: Compensair LTD

Roman started Compensair Ltd as a platform to help protect consumer rights and to help save $100B+ in customer overpayments every year. The first service on the platform is www.compensair.com. It helps passengers around the world get rightful compensation if their flight was disrupted by the airline. Roman decided to start this business when he, as a customer, faced big companies that did not follow people’s rights. Roman believes that in the next 3-5 years, he will build a global platform that protects customers’ rights in 90% of the cases regarding company injustices to the client.

“I think that being open to learn something new is a key to success, regardless of what job you have.”

Website: http://www.compensair.com
Facebook: @compensair
Instagram: @compensair

Yathusha Kulenthiran

Country: Sri Lanka

Company: Olai Shop [Pvt] Ltd

Yathusha started Olai Shop [Pvt] Ltd to design and produce alternatives to daily life necessities with palmyra products through an online platform. There is a mismatch between the demand and supply for palmyrah products, especially palm jaggery. Yathusha tends to create the match between them and provides an online platform for local palmyrah product manufacturers.

Website: https://www.olai.shop
Facebook: @laishop
Instagram: @olai_shop

Wong Shy Kit

Country: Malaysia

Company: Luminary

After observing the lack of clean water access among indigenous communities in Malaysia, Shy Kit started a tech-based social enterprise that designs off-grid devices to provide clean drinkable water for rural communities using solar thermal energy. The device is engineered to distil water sources such as rainwater and river water into drinkable water, suitable for household usage. To cater to the off-grid areas, the device is designed to be portable, user-friendly for maintenance and affordable. In five years, Luminary aims to deploy its devices across the Asia Pacific region, providing clean water for over 5,000 people.

“Through my social entrepreneurship journey, I believe that the way forward is not simply to look at money as the only quantifiable return as an entrepreneur, but making an impact should be a form of currency for us as well.”

Website: http://lumina-ry.com/
Facebook: @luminarymy
Instagram: @luminary.ide

Tan Jia Song Felix

Country: Singapore

Company: Skilio

Felix started Skilio to disrupt the status quo in the education system. The traditional education system has been mainly focused on academic outcomes. This has resulted in an education system that does not prepare our youth for the future of work. The skillsets needed for the future is rapidly changing, with an increasing emphasis on soft skills due to its transferability across industries. Skilio is a soft skill measurement and analytics tool that tracks the development of soft skills in students. Skilio hopes to create a world where success is multidimensional, measured by an individual’s unique experiences, values and skillsets.

“I want to leave a legacy behind by being the first edtech company to quantify soft skills which many think are intangible.”

Website: www.skilio.co
Facebook: @helloskilio
Instagram: @helloskilio

Sylviah Wambui Mwitumi

Country: Kenya

Company: Fundis App Limited

Sylvia started FUNDIS Limited as a way to create more job opportunities for youth, especially in the gig economy. FUNDIS Limited is an online platform that connects clients to professional, well-vetted and trained technicians to handle their repairs, maintenance, and installation needs. Sylvia hopes that FUNDIS Limited will be a one-stop-shop for online services across at least five African countries in the next five years.

“The most priceless commodity is information. You can learn something from anyone anytime if you’re open-minded and constantly on the lookout.”

Wesbite: https://www.fundis.co.ke/
Facebook: @fundisapp
Instagram: @fundisapp

Shunsuke Tsuboi

Country: Japan

Company: Sagri

Shunsuke would like to change the situation of children in the agri-field. They have childhood dreams but most have to help their parents work after graduating elementary school. To change this, Shunsuke decided to use technology to solve their agri-field problems. Sagri focuses on artificial intelligence, satellite and financial technology to improve agriculture. Ultimately, Shunsuke wants to support one billion farmers and allow the children of the next generation to have the choice of living their own lives.

Website: http://sagri.tokyo/

Shabandri Bilal

Country: United Arab Emirates

Company: arcab

Bilal created arcab along with his co-founder, Kevin, to solve a personal problem they had with long commute times on public transport and expensive ride hailing. arcab is a mobility service that helps commuters who want to move daily from point A to point B by reducing the gap between expensive private transport and crowded public transport through optimized routes, affordable transit and comfortable travel in premium vans. Bilal hopes to expand operations across the city first and then expand to the MENA region to help millions of commuters find a better way to get to work.

“You have to aim to be the best in the world AND provide opportunity for others to grow as a result of your success. That’s the difference between greatness and legacy. To empower an under-served community to thrive and flourish because of your decision to give back.”

Website: http://www.arcab.ae
Facebook: @arcabtogether
Instagram: @arcabtogether

Selinay Filiz Parlak

Country: Turkey

Company: Bluedot Technologies

Selinay is a co-founder at Bluedot Technologies which is creating a marketplace for charging stations for electric car owners powered by sharing-economy. Bluedot solves range anxiety for EV owners and incentivizes people to have charging stations and to share with the community. Selinay and her team aim to solve charging problems for all new generation vehicles, including scooters, and want to be the first brand that comes to mind when you hear “electric vehicle charging.”

“I do believe in human creativity and skills in terms of possible ways to adapt it into technology.”

Website: https://thebluedot.co
Facebook: @thebluedot.co
Instagram: @thebluedot.co

Sakunkarn Leelathawornkul

Country: Thailand

Company: MeeVan

Sakunkarn was inspired by her parents to create a business to solve one of her own society’s problems. MeeVan is an application that allows users to book a van and to receive a notification for when the van will arrive. Her vision is that MeeVan will serve as an application platform that facilitates daily travel.

Website: https://www.meevan.co/
Facebook: @meevan