Hasan Basri Tosun

Country: Turkey

Company: Sensgreen


Website: http://www.sensgreen.com/


Hasan co-founded Sensgreen with two longtime friends who shared the vision of creating sustainable cities by reducing energy consumption in buildings. Hasan and his team developed an AI-based plug and play energy efficiency tools that optimize the operation of existing HVAC units through sensors, algorithm, data-driven control units, and mobile apps. Since its founding, Sensgreen has forged partnerships with the likes of Google, Mercedes-Benz, and others to realize its goal.


Hasan is a researcher with background energy economics. He is currently a senior in college studying industrial engineering.

Mohsen Falahi

Country: Switzerland

Company: Exomotion


Website: www.exomotion.ch

Facebook: @exomotiontech

Instagram: @exomotionsa


Having years of experience in the field of mobile robotics, Exomotion CEO and founder Mohsen Falahi started his business in transportation technologies. After winning a number of robotic competitions, Moshen focused on reinventing the wheel to make mobile transportation fun. The company’s first product, Virage, reimagined the smart scooter by providing omnidirectional capabilities to standard mobility.


Exomotion is a startup based in Geneva, Switzerland.

Hamza Qadoumi

Country: Sweden

Company: Ecobloom


Website: https://www.ecobloom.se

Facebook: @Ecobloom.se

Instagram: @Ecobloom.se


Hamza started Ecobloom with the vision of encouraging the local community to grow fresh food in a sustainable, resourceful, and efficient way. The EcoGarden utilizes an ancient growing technique known as aquaponics. It’s a process where fish waste becomes a nutrient source for the plants. In turn, the plants naturally filter the water which is recirculated back to the fish. It’s a natural and effective way of creating the ultimate self-sustaining and resource-efficient ecosystem where plants and fish live in harmony.


The EcoGarden allows users to grow and enjoy 100% fresh and organic herbs and vegetables all year round. Through the EcoGard app, Hamza and this team developed, users can also monitor and control the growing process right from their phones.

Eduardo José Fierro Carballo

Country: Spain

Company: KUVU


Website: www.kuvu.eu


Kuvu is a new social coexistence model based on inter-generational relationships that empower all people. The home share platform seeks to match older adults with younger adults looking for new experience as well as local accommodations. Eduardo’s vision is to be the top agent in intergenerational cohabitation in the European Union by 2021.

Martin Hrabovec

Country: Slovakia

Company: Revolware


Website: www.revolware.com

Facebook: @RevolwareCom

Martin Hrabovec started PillsPro to create a system that efficiently distributes drugs between pharmacies and suppliers. PillsPro is an artificial intelligence operated supply management framework that uses neural networks and self-enhancing algorithms to redistribute medications based on due dates, rarity, availability and other important metrics. Hrabovec goal is to provide patients with necessary drugs, increase profitability of pharmacies and expand our service globally.

Ilya Elpanov

Country: Russia

Company: Esh Derevenskoe


Website: https://esh-derevenskoe.ru/

Facebook: @EshDerevenskoe

Instagram: @esh_derevenskoe


Ilya began his entrepreneurial journey in 2015 when he established project Esh Derevenskoe. Growing up in a farming family, Ilya was aware of the problems farmers face in Russia. A natural problem solver, he created a marketplace to helps farmers to sell and deliver their products to the local community. One focus area of Ilya’s business is to help local farmers produce affordable products without worrying about sales.

Fabian Lindner

Country: Netherlands

Company: Zzinga


Website: http://zzinga.com/

Facebook: @zzingabee

Instagram: @bee_zzinga


Fabian encountered mead for the first time after an exchange semester in Lithuania in 2015. The encounter served as the foundation for his company, Zzinga. His vision is to re-imagine mead as a cider-like, low alcoholic beverage. But more importantly, his mission is environmental and focused on sustainability, biodiversity and the importance of bees to the global ecosystem. Currently, Fabian is in the development phase as Zzinga seeks to distribute its product to neighboring cities.

Catherine (Kate) Madden

Country: Ireland

Company: FenuHealth


Website: www.FenuHealth.com


Instagram: @FenuHealth


Catherine started FenuHealth when she noticed a gap in the market for 100% natural products and supplements for horses that can be used on the day of competition. FenuHealth goal is to continue research and development of new products while maintaining high standards worldwide. Catherine’s five-year plan includes increasing brand awareness through social media marketing, resulting in more online sales.

Ivan Muck

Country: Hungary

Company: Family Finances


Website: https://familyfinances.hu

Facebook: @familyfinanceshu


Ivan has been working as a financial technology analyst at a global management consulting firm before co-founding his startup, Family Finances. He led youth banking solutions for financial institutions that help design, improve and implement banking strategies. Ivan’s background includes volunteering at a Hungarian NGO for five years along with field study assignments in Hungary, Germany, Austria focusing on education and Generation Z.  Ivan’s vision is to improve financial literacy beginning with youth programs in his community as well as offer meaningful insights—through Family Finances—that help financial institutions understand their target group.

Jason Hadzikostas

Country: Greece

Company: iCry2Talk


Website: icry2talk.com

Facebook: @iCry2Talk

Instagram: @iCry2Talk


Jason co-founded iCry2Talk in order to bridge the communication gap between parents and infants. iCry2Talk translates in real-time a baby’s cry using artificial intelligence and maps it to a specific category such as hunger, sleep, and more. iCry2Talk lays the groundwork for a holistic baby monitoring system ranging from improved software acoustic analysis to new hardware solutions. In the next few years, iCry2Talk aims to be available to parents all around the world, partnering with major healthcare providers, collaborating with key stakeholders in the baby care industry to revolutionize parent–infant communication.