Ross Arsenault

Country: Canada

Company: Ashored Innovations

Ross started Ashored to address the fundamental inefficiencies and negative environmental impacts of commercial trap fishing. Ashored’s first products, MOBI and ATLAS, are an underwater buoy release system and accompanying gear tracking software respectively. Ross works closely with his team and network of partners to deliver innovative solutions that are actually practical and reliable for the user. Ashored has positioned itself to be the world leader in this ‘ropeless fishing’ industry, and will succeed by launching a fully modular product in Canada, the US, and UK, thus reducing rates of entanglements, gear-loss (and ghost fishing) and protection-based fishing zone closures.

“Becoming an entrepreneur has allowed me to like, respect, and take care of myself better than I ever have in my life.”

Website: http://www.ashored.ca
Facebook: @AshoredCA
Instagram: @AshoredCA

Alida Burke

Country: Canada

Company: The Growcer Inc.


Website: thegrowcer.ca

Facebook: @thegrowcer

Instagram: @growcer


Alida started The Growcer as a way to address food insecurity and food sovereignty in Canada. The Growcer’s flagship product, the 4th-Generation Arctic Growing System (AGS-IV), is a modular hydroponic system designed specifically for harsh climates that enables year-round commercial production of vegetables within shipping containers. Alida’s goal is to continue to grow its farmer network and relentlessly innovate to provide holistic solutions for food security and sovereignty in communities around the world.

Andre Bertram

Country: Canada

Company: HelpWear

School: University of Waterloo

At the age of 17, Andre founded HelpWear as a way to help his co-founder’s disabled mother call for help quickly. HelpWear’s main product, HeartWatch, is a wearable, at-home ECG monitor that allows healthcare practitioners unprecedented access to their patient’s data, and the ability to perform automatic pathology detection notifying patients and doctors of changes in the patient’s health status. This technology creates an accessible, comfortable and inexpensive opportunity to revolutionize the way doctors monitor their patients. Andre has overcome many challenges, including his lack of experience in the healthcare technology industry when he began this journey, but continues to move forward and expects to receive clinical approval this year, allowing HeartWatch to be sold to hospitals around the world.


Brett Sheffield

Company: Sheffield Farms

School: University of Manitoba

Brett Sheffield is a student at the University of Manitoba in Canada and founder of Sheffield Farms and Stay Fit Health Club. Sheffield Farms is a 1,700-acre grain farm in rural Manitoba, founded in 2008 utilizing the latest farming technology. Stay Fit Health Club is a 24-hour fitness center in its first year of operation. After winning the Advancing Canadian Entrepreneurship (ACE) competition, Sheffield advanced to the Entrepreneurs’ Organization’s GSEA to take second place. 



Daniel Dubois

Company: ShareShed

School: Capilano University

Airbnb for outdoor adventure equipment


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Alex Maclean

Company: East Coast Lifestyle

School: Acadia University

The DNA of East Coast Lifestyle is simple: it’s about being proud of where you’re from. In March of 2013, Alex MacLean, a senior Business student at Acadia University was asked to start a temporary business for an Entrepreneurship class project. With an $800 loan from his dad and a passion to rep his coast, Alex produced his first 30 East Coast Lifestyle hoodies and sold them to his closest friends. Using the proceeds from the first batch, ECL began distribution from the trunk of Alex’s car and on his moms front lawn for several months until the birth of the popular anchor logo.


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