Noel Amadeus Orlet

Country: Brazil

Company: Amana Katu

Austrian, Brazilian and Filipino, Noel is a 22 year old global citizen, law student and social entrepreneur. In 2017, he founded social business Amana Katu to universalize access to clean water in the Amazon through sustainable, low-cost rainwater harvesting systems. Now with a second product line, his goal has expanded to include reducing water waste in small-scale agriculture through hybrid drip irrigation and hydroponic systems. Noel envisions a future where Amana Katu offers complete solutions for sustainable and low-cost water access and use, in the Amazon and beyond.

“I believe social business to be a powerful tool to guarantee basic human rights and sustainably develop communities.”

Website: https://amanakatu.com/
Facebook: @AmanaKatu
Instagram: @amanakatu