Phuntshok Dechen Yangchen

Country: Bhutan

Company: Guram

Phuntshok started Guram, a candy making business, to help reduce the amount of candies imported by Bhutan and to give the farmers of Bhutan a platform for understanding the benefits of different herbs and spices by incorporating them into candies. The focus of Guram is to use Bhutanese ingredients only in order to create delicious mouth-watering candies to replace imported candies and to be a company which helps the community around it through social work. In the future, Guram aims to be one of the biggest candy manufacturing business in the country and replace all imports.

“There will always be forces in the world that keep telling us that nothing will work out and what we do will never measure up to anything but it is up to us not to ignore but to build in what they are saying to us.”

Website: http://www.canfem.com
Facebook: @infocanfem
Instagram: @_gu_ram