Janhvi Sirohi

Country: Australia

Company: Feel The Beatz

A dancer since the age of four and currently studying computer science, Janhvi hopes to make dance more accessible and show its health benefits in a new light. Feel the Beatz hosts user-generated content from amateur dancers to tutorials uploaded by dance academies and choreographers. Janhvi is creating a community of passionate dancers, teachers and viewers. She hopes to create a platform that can unlock unrecognised talent and promote the power of dance as a positive vehicle of expression, creativity and recreation.

“If I don’t bet on my abilities, no one else will. I’ve been through many obstacles and each one of them has made me stronger. I’m more confident than ever before. I will grow, adapt and become someone who can take Feel The Beatz exactly where it needs to be.”

Website: http://www.feelthebeatz.com
Facebook: @feelthebeatz
Instagram: @feel.the.beatz