Naphat Tansuwan

Country: Thailand

Company: KRAM-HUG


Facebook: @kramhug.co

Instagram: kramhug.co


Naphat Tansuwan, owner and designer of KRAM-HUG, graduated from King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology Ladkrabang with a bachelor’s in communication art and design. Naphat created KRAM-HUG, a clothing line whose aesthetic merges traditional Thai fashion with international street culture. KRAM-HUG uses new textiles techniques to push the boundaries of what is possible in streetwear.

(Travis) Yang Chun-Chen

Country: Taiwan

Company: Neurobit Technologies Co., Ltd.


Website: https://www.neurobittech.com/

Facebook: @neurobit.tech


Travis Yang’s desire to help fight brain disease led to Neurobit, a biomedical company developing telemedicine devices to care for patients who aren’t physically present for treatment. He and his team developed Neurospeed, a wireless high-resolution recording device that scans of both eyes making nystagmus and eye-movement related examination much more accessible. The device is capable of fully integrating with apps on PC or tablet for video, streaming critical information for diagnosis and treatment.


Currently, Yang is seeking Food and Drug Administration (FDA), CE, Taiwan FDA, and China FDA approval which will take approximately three years. Once approved, his goal is to reach broader populations globally through digital clinical care channels.

GyeYeon Cho

Country: South Korea

Company: TriPriend


Website: https://www.tripriend.net

Facebook: @TriPriendGlobal

Instagram: @tripriend


GyeYeon started WeAreFriends Co., Ltd. to bridge the divide between continents, regions, cities, and towns. WeAreFriends’s first product, TriPriend, is an international social networking app that connects travelers with locals in their respective locations. TriPriend recommends matches based mutual interests and systematically secures an offline meeting. GyeYeon’s long-term strategy is to elevate TriPriend in three phases: to market the brand as an international traveler’s opportunity to meet area locals and cultivate friendships; partner with local and global travel agencies, and to be the face of the travel industry.

Mandy Chan

Country: Singapore

Company: BOW


Website: http://www.bowforbold.com

Facebook: @bowforbold

Instagram: @bowforbold


Mandy decided to take a gap year after high school to chase her dream of becoming an entrepreneur. At 19, after an intense year of prototyping, BOW was created to design multi-functional products for the modern lifestyle, starting from bags. Mandy aims to make the world bolder and build up the #BeBOW community. BOW hopes to expand the company internationally. In doing so, the BOW community will come together to inspire and dare each other to be bolder.

Ma. Myrene Bea A Battung

Country: Philippines

Company: Prima Facie


Website: https://www.primafacie.ph

Facebook: @primafacieshoes

Instagram: @primafacie_ph


With their entrepreneurial spirit and leadership qualities, Bea co-founded Prima Facie, a shoe company, with high school classmates who shared her passion for the environment and corporate social responsibility. She is a mission-driven entrepreneur who is focused not only on producing a quality shoe but injecting a sense of pride in those who wear the sneaker.


Bea is truly innovative. After discovering water hyacinths, which currently clog metro waterways causing flooding, could be turned into a marketable product in the form of shoes, the Ananda sneaker was born. With every sneaker purchased, the company donates a pair of slippers to a kid in the community through its outreach slipPairs outreach project. Bea’s vision is to revitalize the country’s once thriving shoe industry and eventually expand into markets where water hyacinths also impose a threat.


Calvin Chan Yi Xuan

Country: Malaysia

Company: Green Hero


Website: www.greenhero.net

Facebook: @mushingreenenterprise

Calvin started Green Hero after learning about the law to ban food waste in France. The law formed the foundation of an idea that later turned into an online food and beverage platform. Green Hero is a space where businesses and individuals can re-distribute or re-sell food at a discounted price. The goal is to cut down on food waste that negatively impacts the environment. All food must be donated to charity, turned to compost, animal food or energy. Calvin plans is to expand Green Hero throughout Southeast Asia, and within five years, across 80 countries.

Ryo Ogawa

Country: Japan

Company: Taimee


Website: https://taimee.co.jp/ 

Facebook: @kuakkataimee


Ryo’s unwavering entrepreneurial spirit fueled his next project after the collapse of his first company. Seeking to revolutionize the recruiting world, he created Taimee, an application that places qualified applicants in their desired role. Ryo’s goal is to simplify the job seeking process by focusing immediacy instead rules and formalities. He is focused on future work technology that will reshape the hiring process.

Agus Wibowo

Country: Indonesia

Company: Agrolestari Merbabu


Instagram: @agus_wibowo15


Seeing an opportunity to increase potato productivity in Indonesia, Agro Lestari Merbabu founder Agus Wibowo’s mission is to increased yields from16-18 tons per hectare, which marks the lowest output to date. In doing so, Wibowo’s vision is to improve the welfare and well-being of potato farmers and their families.


A lucrative commodity, potato chips are one of many products produce from the farmer’s harvest. According to the Indonesia statistics board, certified potato seeds are able to cover 15 of the national needs of potatoes. Furthermore, post-harvest processing is done to increase the selling value of potatoes.

(Aaron) So Chak Hei

Country: Hong Kong

Company: Marketemy Limited

Website: www.marketemy.online


Aaron started Marketemy Limited as a way to learn digital marketing. Marketemy offers e-marketing solutions and aims to provide hands-on experience for students interested in mastering e-marketing concepts and strategies. Focusing on Google Adwords and Facebook for Business, Aaron’s goal is to encourage more educators to adapt simulation game in their teaching, ushering in a new way of identifying talent as company’s look to recruit employees.

Jonathan Magaju Bakebwa

Country: China

Company: Akkadu

Website: www.akkadu.com

Facebook: @akkaducloud


Jonathan started Akkadu to give the world a means to communicate without hesitation. Akkadu is a cloud-based platform that connects those who need translation services to a community of interpreters that are remote or on-site. Additionally, Jonathan envisioned providing the global community a space to experience inspiring content through events, seminars, podcast and workshops. As Akkadu is the bridge to the experience, his dream of a global society that educates, communicates and entertains without the limitations has come true.