Njunga Kakusa

Country: Zambia

Company: Greencare Eco Solutions


Facebook: @greencareecosolutions


Njunga Kakusa started Greencare Eco Solutions LTD., a company aimed at providing green innovation solutions to agricultural issues faced in Zambia, the African continent and the world. He is leading the effort to provide solutions for local farmers by developing organic fertilizers made from biodegradable wastes. Greencare Eco Solutions LTD hopes that through its Agrictech solutions, it will improve farming systems, increase crop yields and farm efficiency in Africa within the next five years.

Shamim Nabuuma Kaliisa

Country: Uganda

Company: Community Dental and Reproductive Health


Website: www.cdarh.org


Shamim Nabuuma Kaliisa is the founder of Community Dental and Reproductive Health, a social enterprise formed whose goal is to provide pediatric provision of dental and reproductive health services to the low income communities in Uganda. One area of focus as a preventative measure is cervical cancer screening. A critical component to the company’s mission, which also includes advocating for the health rights for marginalized population, is access to health care. All health services are mobile, providing healthcare to rural regions of Uganda.


As a child, Shamim experienced chronic dental pain and faced many obstacles when seeking treatment. In turn, she lost her mother to cervical cancer. Both experiences fueled a passion for helping others. Community Dental and Reproductive Health is seeking to provide avail dental services and cervical cancer screening services to at least 3 million people respectively by the end of 2024.


Shamim is currently a medical student from Makerere University in Kampala, Uganda.

Given Edward

Country: Tanzania

Company: Mtabe


Website: mtabeapp.com

Facebook: @mtabeapp



Edward is a renowned technology and education innovator working to improve education in Africa through the use of technology. He is the CEO of two companies: MyElimu and Mtabe. Both companies have received global recognition for their mission. MyElimu is a space for students from different regions to meet online and discuss ideas ranging from entrepreneurship to education. Additionally, Mtabe focuses on using artificial intelligence to deliver learning content to students without internet access. Both companies have received global recognition for their efforts.

Keaton Fisher Harris

Country: South Africa

Company: InforMED Global


Website: http://www.informedglobal.com/

Facebook: @informedglobal

Instagram: @informed_global


Co-founder Keaton of InforMED Global envisioned breaking the language barrier between healthcare professionals and patients. He identified a significant disparity between the quality of healthcare; the amount of diagnostic testing, and patient disease ownership. Through an offline mobile healthcare language translation tool, InforMED is refining diagnosis, enabling the heightened specificity during the physical exam. Keaton hopes to implement artificial intelligence with machine learning for real-time data results using one’s smartphone.

Areej Al Medinah

Country: Pakistan

Company: ConnectHear


Website: connecthear.org

Facebook: @connecthearofficial

Instagram: @connecthear


Areej is the co-founder of ConnectHear, a social entrepreneurial start-up that connects the deaf community with sign language interpretation services. ConnectHear uses technology and social design to grant 10 million deaf individuals access to interpreters through video remote, in person interpretation or audio to sign language services in Pakistan. Areej’s vision is to provide independent communication for deaf individuals all over South Asia.

Ogheneruona Onothoja

Country: Nigeria

Company: Servicemart


Website: Myservicemart.net

Instagram: @servicemart_


With an 80 percent failure rate in small businesses and over 11 million unemployed youths in Nigeria, Ogheneruona established Servicemart, a social enterprise that digitalize small to medium sized businesses (SMEs) using low cost mobile technology for connectivity and data processing.


Servicemart creates a global market reach, free cash flow and data analysis tools (using machine learning algorithm) for SMEs, ensuring that businesses have at least a 55 percent survival rate.


Ogheneruona’s vision is to support the growth of 100,000 SMEs, and by extension create jobs for 1million Africans by the year 2030. Currently, SMEs are responsible for 50 to 60 percent of all jobs created in Africa.

Henry Onyango Odhiambo

Country: Kenya

Company: Roometo Limited


Website: https://roometo.com/


Roometo Limited is an online classified for student accommodations. Focused on customer service, Henry’s company offers assistance to university and college students seeking to reserve a secure, comfortable, and affordable private hostel. He started the company after discovering a lack of affordable student housing in Kenya. Along with making the process easy and affordable, he hopes to expand the business to other African markets beginning with the East African region.

Mahmoud Elkotb Abdallah Khirallah

Country: Egypt

Company: Eduneer


Website: www.eduneer.net


Mahmoud Elkotb Abdallah Khirallah founded Eduneer, a platform that provides online courses for Arab engineers. His goal is to boost the number of qualified engineers in the country while simultaneously challenging traditional teaching methods. Mahmoud’s goal is to brand Eduneer as the leading website in the online education space, graduating licensed professionals engineers in Egypt and beyond.

Shaikha Khaled Alabbasi

Country: Bahrain

Company: Cro&Knit


Website: www.croandknit.com

Instagram: @ Croandknit


Shaikha founded Cro&Knit; Bahrain’s first brand for high quality fabric, yarn and craft supplies in the region. Her passion for art and crochet is the driving force behind Cro&Knit affordable, easy to materials. Coupled with the company’s focus on design and sustainability, Cro&Knit will continue to grow and empower artisans through environmental initiatives and traditional crafts.

Maureen Basemera

Country: Uganda

Company: Glitz PAMB

School: Ashesi University College 

Maureen Molly Basemara is the owner of Glitz PAMB, a jewelry company specializing in African jewelry. Her company’s mission is to bring sentimental value to every jewelry product made with
a focus on celebrating one’s national spirit and love of country. Each jewelry piece is handcrafted and customized with bronze metals and beads. Her vision for the future of Glitz PAMB is not only
to educate and employ young girls in the community for a brighter future, but to be the leading jewelry brand in Africa.