Stephanie Castillo

City/State: Nashville, TN, USA

Company: Phuture Doctors

School: Vanderbilt University

““Thirst for Learning” best describes me as an entrepreneur. I attribute my passion for learning from my love and background in scientific research. I know how to find resources and information about any topic and use what I learn to solve a problem. I do not halt in the face of a challenge. I can learn both independently and collaboratively, and I am always seeking different solutions, perspectives, and advice when approaching a problem. I will figure out a way to solve the problem, even if it requires me to learn a new skill on the fly.” -Stephanie Castillo


Tania Speaks

City/State: NYC, NY, USA

Company: Brow Boost

School: Hofstra University

““Boldly Go!” best describes me as an entrepreneur because at a pivotal time in my life, I allowed the opinions of others to beat me down. When I gained confidence, I realized the power to be successful lived inside of me. I had all of the tools I needed to create something extraordinary. While running the day-to-day operations, I obtain all of the skills needed to run the business. Even when people let me down, I research, learn, and execute.” -Tania Speaks


Zachary Bostick

City/State: Orange County, California, USA

Company: Send.It Electronic Business Cards

School: Vanguard University of Southern California

“I would say that all of the EO core values mean and describe a part of me. “Boldly Go!” is an example of what the Marine Corps taught me; never to give up on oneself, you can always give more than what you think, and you know more than you think you do. I never thought I would make it in entrepreneurship, but I never gave up on myself. I may be young, I may be inexperienced in the corporate world, but I am not afraid to experience new atmospheres, I am not afraid to learn, and I am not afraid to work hard.” -Zachary Bostick