Mandeep Patel

City/State: Houston, TX, USA


School: The University of Texas at Austin

“The core value “Boldly Go!” best describes me as an entrepreneur. Though I was raised to be incredibly risk averse, I created a structured approach to evaluate an idea before going full tilt into something. I turned down an incredible offer for full time employment to work on ElecTrip full time. It took me time to train myself to not look back, but now I can pursue an idea with complete focus.” -Mandeep Patel


Manyaqi Wang

City/State:  Boston, MA, USA

Company: Phoebe Jon


School: Boston College

“As an entrepreneur, I create, seek out and celebrate once-in-a-lifetime experiences. I understand that life is a marathon filled with uncertainty, and I believe that only those willing to invest time and effort to search for the answers will find their path. As a young entrepreneur searching for her path, I turn to business related books, podcasts, and experts for practical advice. ” -Manyaqi Wang

Marissa Barlow

City/State: UT, USA

Company:Nani Swimwear

School: Utah State University

“The “Cool” value best describes me. Creating, seeking out and celebrating once-in-a-lifetime experiences is what lead me to becoming an entrepreneur in the first place. I strongly believe that anyone can achieve anything they want if they want and are willing to work hard enough. This opinion is reflected in my life and because of it, I have been able to experience incredible opportunities including living in different countries, learning a new language, working in China by myself for two weeks, skydiving, and quitting my jobs in order to pursue my passion as an entrepreneur.” -Marissa Barlow


Matthew Gilbert

City/State: Portland, OR, USA

Company:STAG Rack

School: Oregon State University

“The core value of “Cool” best describes me as an entrepreneur. No matter if your project or business is or isn’t going the way you want it to, staying cool and knowing that success or failure, you’re going to have an amazing experience that you’ll remember for the rest of your life.” -Matthew Gilbert


Michael Kamalu

City/State: AZ, USA

Company: Litiscape LLC

School: Mayo Clinic School of Medicine

“My personal entrepreneurial motto is to “start where you are, use what you have, and do what you can.” With that in mind, I would say that the EO core value that best describes me as an entrepreneur is “Boldly Go!” Stop overthinking it; don’t doubt yourself. Be one of the few who actually act and execute rather than think and dream, and success will follow.” -Michael Kamalu


Neha Husein

City/State: Fort Worth, TX, USA

Company: Just Drive

School: Southern Methodist University

““Make a Mark” best describes me as an entrepreneur. I have set out to change society’s view on distracted driving to make it an issue of the past. I want using Just Drive to be as routine as putting on a seatbelt. Just Drive is setting a precedent that distracted driving is no longer acceptable.” -Neha Husein


Nehemiah Stewart

City/State: Norfolk, VA, USA

Company: Vector RideShare

School: University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

“The core value that best describes me is “Cool.” I personally view everything in my own life as an opportunity. Each day is the chance to meet a new person, with a new background, and a new perspective that can only serve to enhance my understanding of the world around me.” -Nehemiah Stewart


Quinn King

City/State: Western New York, NY, USA

Company: MedUX

School: Syracuse University

“The “Thirst for Learning” core value would best describe our approach to our company. As we’ve built our company over the last year, we’ve found that what ultimately helps us the most is finding out what we don’t know, finding the people that are experts on that subject, and then learn as much as we can from that person. Many of our most successful connections that we’ve made and advisers that we’ve acquired all stemmed from us seeking advice and understanding.” -Quinn King


Rachel Zietz

City/State: Long Island, NY, USA

Company: Gladiator Lacrosse

School: Princeton University

““Boldly Go!” best describes me as an entrepreneur. I would say that as a young entrepreneur with little experience starting out, you have to bet on what you know and the vision you have for the company. I learned that I would have to find comfort being the only who would believe in my business concept early on until I establish a brand and a successful track record. Confidence is key and trust in the vision for the business and passion for what I was doing led me to the fortunate success I have today.” -Rachel Zietz


Robert Hatcher

City/State: Atlanta, GA, USA

Company: Soundcollide

School: Georgia State University

“My biggest obstacle I’ve had to overcome as an entrepreneur is when I was selected for a pitch event in San Diego. I spent that whole weekend working on my pitch deck. That Monday my car was broken into and I had my backpack stolen. I had to turn in my new pitch deck by Tuesday for a chance to be selected for the finals. Fortunately, I was able to complete the application and went on to the finals winning 3rd place in the competition. That was a moment for me that showed I can persevere through anything.” -Robert Hatcher