Christopher Muth

Country:  Philadelphia, PA, USA

Company: Rex Riccardi

School: Drexel University

“One of the most rewarding things about being an entrepreneur is the freedom to do things that can have a positive impact on people, the world, etc. I want to be remembered as someone who used that entrepreneurial freedom to do something good for a cause that is very important to me. I want my legacy to be one that inspires others to use their talents to make the world a little bit better.” -Christopher Muth


Edward Connors

City/State:  Colorado, USA

Company: BerBeda

School: Leeds School of Business at CU Boulder

“The reason I am so passionate about entrepreneurship is because of its potential to be a driving force of good in society. Entrepreneurs have the power to structure their business plan in a way that aligns with their values, and so the success of their venture inherently means the successful spread of their values. I want to positively influence as many people and places as I can throughout my lifetime, and entrepreneurship is the means to do so.” -Edward Connors


Eliza Bishop

City/State:  Birmingham, AL, USA

Company: Paper Eliza

School: Samford University

“I find my real joy and fulfillment in running the business and love absolutely everything about it. From scheming up online marketing campaigns, analyzing monthly sales and expenses, exercising capital budgeting – I love seeing my hard work pay off and I know that If I hadn’t approached each step of the process of building a business with absolute confidence, then I wouldn’t be where I am today.” -Eliza Bishop


Eric Shnell

City/State:  San Diego, CA, USA

Company: Craitor

School: University of California San Diego

“I believe that trusting my team and respecting their abilities is the best way for a team to flourish and grow. I am surrounded by incredibly talented and motivated individuals who do not need their hands held. I am merely the shepherd, keeping everyone on task and setting the vision. Respecting and trusting my team allows them to take risks, to explore opportunities, and create value beyond what I ask them to do, beyond what I can imagine” -Eric Shnell


Graeme Eaglesham

City/State: NE, USA

Company:Sport Management

School: Bellevue University

““Boldly Go!” I believe that this best describes me, being an immigrant from Scotland. I have allowed my own abilities in soccer help create the largest after school soccer provider in Nebraska. I will boldly go and make this the largest after school program in America by betting on my own abilities.” -Graeme Eaglesham


Isaac Hetzroni

City/State: Tampa, FL, USA

Company: Imprint Genius

School: University of Florida

“I love to break the rules and rethink processes. I think that transpires throughout my entire lifestyle, from being an avid backpacker, to how I started Imprint Genius…I want to continue to come into this stagnant industry and break things, rethink things, and really reimagine how the world looks at physical marketing. I also want to have a fun time while doing it and work with the companies and industries I truly love. We only do live once, so why not break some walls, have some fun, and make an impact.” -Isaac Hetzroni


Isaiah Kelly

City/State:  Cincinnati, OH, USA

Company: Smoove Creations

School: Northern Kentucky University

“This value aligns with my entrepreneurship philosophy; I have taken advantage of every opportunity that has been presented to me regarding my business, and because of the drive I have seen an increase in success. My motive of success has lead me to seek new avenues of growth, such as leadership presentations and business mentors, and I am still ready to learn and grow more.” -Isaiah Kelly


Jennifer Steger

City/State: Seattle, WA, USA


School: University of Washington

The core value of “Make a Mark” resonates with me because it speaks to my desire to make a positive and persisting difference in the lives of others through my entrepreneurial pursuits…I believe that my aspiration to dismantle healthcare inequality to improve health outcomes for marginalized and underserved populations will govern the duration of my career as an entrepreneurial scientist. -Jennifer Steger


Jessica Ndrianasy

City/State: Albany, NY, USA

Company:Ndriana Agro LLC

School: Skidmore College

“I anticipate and will tirelessly work towards creating both national and international recognition for Ndriana Agro, what we produce, and most importantly who we stand for. As an agritech company, Ndriana Agro aims to have installed both a sustainable irrigation system, greenhouses and solar panels to our four main locations in Madagascar.” -Jessica Ndrianasy

Juan Pablo Mascaretti

City/State: Chicago, IL, USA


School: Purdue University

“I firmly believe that despite the challenges ahead, finding balance and enjoying the learning curve of becoming a successful entrepreneur is the ultimate path to success. ” -Juan Pablo Mascaretti