Diego Rivera Cabrera

Country: Guatemala

Company: Qüilo

Diego started Qüilo to help people strengthen their financial and social safety net so they can live more stable financial lives and improve their wellbeing. Qüilo is a platform that democratizes education and access to financial services and benefits for workers and their families. Diego’s vision for Qüilo is to expand across Latin America, strengthening the social safety net for millions of people and improving their financial health, wellbeing and securing their futures.

Website: https://vivequilo.com/
Facebook: @vivequilo
Instagram: @vivequilo

David Alejandro Mayorga Arias

Country: Ecuador

Company: Swimmers4.0

Feeling that blind people are sometimes limited in their choice of activities, including swimming, David developed Swimmers4.0, a system designed to help blind swimmers using artificial vision and other technology. This device is meant to keep swimmers going in the right direction and to prevent collisions and other injuries. He is focused on spreading his invention around the world, selling it to anyone involved in the swimming and sporting fields. His vision is to see Swimmers4.0 in the Paris 2024 Paralympic Games.

Website: http://swimmers40.com/
Facebook: @Swimmers-102629747971142
Instagram: @Swim4.0

Daniel Mauricio Velez Rios

Country: Colombia

Company: Helppo

Daniel Velez is a student of international business and business administration at the Universidad Autónoma de Manizales and is currently in his last semester of study. He was born in Manizales, Caldas Colombia and is 24 years old. Daniel has started two companies in his life, the second being Helppo, a company that reduces the preparation time of food and drinks in homes and restaurants.

Website: https://www.helppo.com.co/
Facebook: @HelppoCol

Christos Stefanatos

Country: Greece

Company: Parity Platform

Christos started Parity Platform to make owning an electric car convenient for everyone. Parity Platform’s product enables drivers to charge their cars across different charging station models and locations with a single app. Simultaneously, the app encourages drivers to charge when there is surplus energy from wind farms and solar plants. Christos’ vision is to empower global transition to sustainable energy through innovative tech applications.

“I try to treat every occasion as an opportunity to draw positive aspects and opportunities to learn something from other believable individuals.”

Website: https://www.parityplatform.com/
Facebook: @parityplatform
Instagram: @parityplatform

Christopher Farrel Millenio Kusuma

Country: Indonesia

Company: Kecilin

Farrel started Kecilin as a way to provide fast and reliable internet connections because he believes access to information is a right for all people. Many people cannot connect to the digital world because they live in a rural area. By using compression technology, Farrel believes he can solve the problem seamlessly and at the lowest possible cost.

“The more you know, the more you know you don’t know. Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish.”

Website: http://www.kecilin.id

Attia Adel Attia

Country: Egypt

Company: Be3 Mhsolk

Attia started his business out of a sense of duty towards his community and humanity as a whole. Seeing people who faced problems with exploitation in the agricultural sector, Attia wanted to help them lead better lives. His company, Be3 Mhsolk, focuses on making the agricultural value chain healthier, more flexible, and more informative for decision-makers. They are working to ensure that the world’s agriculture can sustainability nourish humanity and secure livelihoods.

“Create, seek out and celebrate once-in-a-lifetime experiences.”

Website: https://www.be3mhsolk.online
Facebook: @Be3M7solk

Arnold Nyendwa

Country: Zambia

Company: Ventursa Jumpstart Zambia Limited

Arnold Nyendwa, founder of Venturas Jumpstart, is proud to be the first to pioneer a stainless steel tech company in Zambia. Venturas Jumpstart aims to become Zambia’s leading technology company in the stainless steel industry and provide solutions for energy and other productive projects and services to low-income households. Venturas Jumpstart contributes to development within Zambia and promotes the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals by providing stainless stoves. His goal is to start exporting across borders within and outside Africa.

Ventursa Jumpstart Zambia Limited
Instagram: @arnoldtheinventor

Andrés Muñoz Vega

Country: Costa Rica

Company: Gricket House

Andres started Gricket House not as an alternative but a solution to fight against world hunger, malnutrition and to mitigate global warming through the practice of eating insects. As an introduction, he created “Gricket bars,” the first cricket protein bars made in Latin America, as a friendly way to introduce entomophagy in a region full of insect taboos. His vision is to give people around the world the opportunity of having in their homes every type of product with this kind of sustainable and more nutritious protein.

Website: https://grickethousecr.wixsite.com/grickethouse/pedidos
Facebook: @GricketHouse
Instagram: @grickethouse

Akriti Gupta

Country: India

Company: Canfem

Akriti has worked in the cancer field since 2015. She was recognized by the Women Economic Forum as a “Young Leader Creating a Better World for All” for her work educating and involving youth in promoting cancer awareness. Her initiative, Canfem, aims to help breast cancer survivors have a better quality of life after treatment. Canfem manufactures and markets affordable and comfortable external breast prostheses and mastectomy brassieres, helping survivors return to society with dignity and improved mental and physical health. The pilot program involved 2200+ patients and received a 93% satisfaction rate.

“I believe in inclusive growth, where my growth is not being a reason of decline of other and collecting learning, where I learn from anyone and at any magnitude.”

Website: http://www.canfem.com
Facebook: @infocanfem
Instagram: @can_fem

Abdullah Abyad Raied

Country: Bangladesh

Company: Khamar-e

Raied’s passion to empower rural farmers led him to start Khamar-e, an agritech firm based in Bangladesh that works to improve dairy farming through technology. Among many services, Khamar-e enables data-driven farming by predicting fertility times and diseases in dairy cattle, improving efficiency and drastically reducing costs. Within the next five years, Raied and his team aim to revive this struggling industry and create more jobs as dairy farming gets easier, particularly for rural women. Ultimately, affordable pure milk will help solve the nutrition crisis as Bangladesh moves towards becoming a healthier nation.

Website: http://khamar-e.co/
Facebook: @khamarebangladesh