Jichen Liu

Country: China

Company: Clear Plate

Liu started ClearPlate® APP as a way to reduce food waste. Anyone who does not waste food can use this app to get points, which can be exchanged for gifts and charity meals. Liu’s mission is to inspire and empower everyone to take action against food waste.

Website: http://www.clearplate.com/

Janhvi Sirohi

Country: Australia

Company: Feel The Beatz

A dancer since the age of four and currently studying computer science, Janhvi hopes to make dance more accessible and show its health benefits in a new light. Feel the Beatz hosts user-generated content from amateur dancers to tutorials uploaded by dance academies and choreographers. Janhvi is creating a community of passionate dancers, teachers and viewers. She hopes to create a platform that can unlock unrecognised talent and promote the power of dance as a positive vehicle of expression, creativity and recreation.

“If I don’t bet on my abilities, no one else will. I’ve been through many obstacles and each one of them has made me stronger. I’m more confident than ever before. I will grow, adapt and become someone who can take Feel The Beatz exactly where it needs to be.”

Website: http://www.feelthebeatz.com
Facebook: @feelthebeatz
Instagram: @feel.the.beatz

Ibrar Ahmed

Country: Bahrain

Company: Fastest Delivery

Ibrar started Fastest Delivery because of problems facing his society since his childhood. He wanted to create something new and unique for society. Fastest Delivery delivers anything to your doorstep within 45 minutes to 1 hour at maximum. In the next three years, Ibrar hopes to expand his company globally and his team is currently working on technology to make it easier and faster to make deliveries to customers.

Website: https://fastest-delivery.com
Facebook: @fastestdelivery.bh
Instagram: @fastest_delivery.bh

Harvinder Power

Country: United Kingdom

Company: Motics

Harvinder started Motics after seeing his father struggle with physiotherapy. His father suffered from sciatica but found traditional physiotherapy non-engaging and failed to exercise regularly. This led to the creation of Motics, a wearable solution that engages patients and provides actionable insight into muscle function. Motics gamifies physiotherapy and provides recovery data to clinicians to speed up recovery and motivates patients to recover. Harvinder hopes that the same technology can be used for both recovery and sports analytics to give teams the competitive edge in training.

Website: http://www.motics.co.uk
Facebook: @motics.me

Hana Samet

Country: Switzerland

Company: C-MedTec

Hana started C-MedTec in her quest to find a solution that reduces the number of unreported sport-related concussions and avoids the serious secondary complications that can arise from these injuries. C-MedTec is developing a medical diagnostic technology that allows on-field medics to make an immediate and accurate assessment of a player’s ability to return to play. Hana hopes that C-MedTec technology would be implemented across all types of contact sports allowing safer management of concussions.

“I think believing in yourself is the most important requirement when it comes to making it as an entrepreneur. If you don’t then you can never convince other in order to succeed.”

Website: https://www.c-medtec.com/

Gwang Hyun Kwon

Country: South Korea

Company: BPM

The story of BPM traces back to 2012 when Gwang lost his hearing on his right side after getting into a traffic accident. Feeling unsafe with typical audio technology, he built a team to create a safe audio device. The company’s name “BPM – Beats Per Minute” focuses on the passion around a joyful, sporty lifestyle. Many modern people enjoy sports, running and jogging as a part of their life, but dangerous accidents can occur and BPM’s open-ear audio device aims to help people workout safely. Gwang plans to collaborate with sports brands to promote the device.

Website: http://www.beatsperminute.co.kr/

Gerardo Carvajal

Country: Panama

Company: Ec-floor

Nosotros comenzamos el desarrollo de EC-Floor buscando mejorar el proceso de instalación de los revestimiento de pisos de porcelana ademas de disminuir el desgaste que sufren los trabajadores de esta área debido al peso y los materiales corrosivos con los cuales están en contacto. EC-floor por su fácil uso y su diseño que cumple con normas internacionales en su primer año se expandirá en todo el territorio nacional innovado en todos los proyectos de construcción. En sus primeros 5 años pretendemos introducirlas en el mercado europeo e Norteamericano como principales hitos a globalizarnos.


Gerardo developed EC-Floor to improve the installation process of porcelain floor coverings, in addition to decreasing the impact on workers handling the corrosive materials. EC-Floor’s easy-to-use design complies with international standards and will expand to all construction projects throughout the national territory in its first year. Within five years, EC-Floor intends to introduce its design to the European and North American markets as their main milestone towards globalization.

LinkedIn: LinkedIn

Freek van Welsenis

Country: Netherlands

Company: Hable Accessibility

Freek is the co-founder of start-up Hable Accessibility, which developed a braille keyboard for smartphones. Growing up in a big family, with both parents working in healthcare, Freek has always been fascinated by work with a social impact. With this company he is able to influence the lives of blind people around the world. In the coming years, the company will develop multiple products that have a goal of improving accessibility on a global scale.

Website: https://iamhable.com/
Facebook: @hableBraille

Francisco Javier Valencia Valdespino

Country: Mexico

Company: Prothesia

Francisco is a serial entrepreneur and technologist for good. He created Prothesia, a digital fabrication platform to help clinicians precisely design prosthetic/orthotic devices in a fast and easy way. They use 3D scanning, artificial intelligence and digital manufacturing to achieve this. Francisco and his team are helping children with cerebral palsy walk independently and they hope to assist over one million children in the coming years.

“I believe the greatest ability of any founder should be, to be able to handle frustration, failure and learn from those experiences to become better.”

Website: https://prothesia.com
Facebook: @prothesia3D
Instagram: @prothesia3D

Etiwe Opeyemi Oritsematosan

Country: Nigeria

Company: In-sync ML solutions

Opeyemi started In-sync as a way to help people suffering with mental illness to receive the right support and medical attention they need immediately upon demand and at a very affordable price. The business uses artificial intelligence to provide a near natural therapy experience and also provides online therapy with certified professionals. The vision for In-sync is to become the biggest ”medi-tech” company that meets the needs of the unreached in Africa and ultimately the world at large.

“You haven’t truly lived until you do things for people that cannot repay you.”

Website: http://www.Insync.com.ng
Instagram: @insync_ai