Melisha Ghimire

Country: Nepal

Company: Smart CAD Academy

Melisha is a passionately curious person. She started her career during her undergraduate studies, where she explored a lot and grabbed possible opportunities that helped her pave the path to where she is today. For her, it’s all about creating opportunities. She believes in everyone and their goals as if they were her own. Currently, she is working as CEO of Smart CAD Academy which is focused on delivering skill enhancement programs to civil engineers. Recently, she was selected as Managing Director of Girls in Tech – Nepal, headquartered in San Francisco.

Smart CAD Academy

Mehmet Karakus

Country: Spain

Company: Freshy Shop SL

Growing up in an entrepreneurial household and facing risks daily, Mehmet didn’t actually want to become an entrepreneur at all. Then during university, he was given the opportunity of creating a startup. He chose to give it a try. Now, he says that he “accidentally” and finally found his passion within the entrepreneurial journey rather than the end result. His startup Freshy is a circular grocery shopping platform where the goal is to make grocery shopping sustainable and convenient by delivering groceries in reusable packaging, which after consumption gets picked up, cleaned, refilled and resent to customers.

“I won’t stop before reaching Financial Freedom and then solve Problems within Society and offer Opportunities with those Resources.”

Website: http://www.Freshy.eco
Facebook: @FreshyStoreBCN
Instagram: @freshy.eco

Martin Pekarcik

Country: Slovakia

Company: S-Case

Lack of primary healthcare in low-income countries and the gap between doctor and patient inspired Martin and his team at S-Case to start development of portable, medical point-of-care devices, combining smart sensors with digital patient databases and predictive analytics. S-Case’s main focus is primary healthcare in rural areas in low-income countries. Martin’s vision for his business is to receive seed investment, develop a final device and start piloting in a sub-Saharan country.

Website: http://www.scase.io
Facebook: @scasesk

Maria Yzabell Angel Palma

Country: Philippines

Company: AirDisc Cooling Technologies

Maria is very concerned about the ever increasing atmospheric global temperatures projected to become an existential threat to humans and all life on earth. She is an inventor of AirDisc, which many consider a revolutionary cooling technology that will become a household name, as the era for refrigeration and air-conditioning has come of age. The invention is considered to be a replacement of a century-old technology that depends on widespread use of chemical refrigerants which has been discovered to have unquestionably disastrous global warming potential. It employs air molecules and atmospheric moisture with very low energy consumption. Her goal-mission is to preclude rapid climate change.

“I INITIATE, INNOVATE and INSPIRE for others to be bold and courageously go on to build on their dreams and inspirations.

Why not for a Wonderful World.”

Website: https://www.airdisccoolingtechnologies.com/
Facebook: @airdisccoolingtech

Mandeep Patel

Country: United States

Company: ElecTrip

ElecTrip was created to advance the adoption of electric vehicles (EVs). ElecTrip offers regional travel in EVs by allowing current owners to rent out their vehicles. They further optimize EVs by partnering with real estate owners for parking and charging infrastructure. The result, ElecTrip gives riders a cost effective, door to door experience that gives people back the time they usually lose to travel. In five years, ElecTrip aims to create the software required to scale the service across the globe!

“Though I was raised to be incredibly risk adverse, I created a structured approach to evaluate an idea before going full tilt into something.”

Website: https://www.electrip.us/
Instagram: @electrip.us

Kate Madden

Country: Ireland

Company: FenuHealth

FenuHealth supplies a range of 100% natural products to the equine industry. Their products surround the issue of stomach problems in horses, as up to 90% of racehorses can suffer from this issue. Kate was inspired to start FenuHeath after she won an award at the largest science fair in Ireland. She decided to turn her scientific idea into a business reality. In the next three to five years, she hopes to grow her online sales greatly and add onto the range of their 9 existing products and 15 countries that buy from her company.

“As an entrepreneur, you need to have a constant drive and constantly asking the questions “Why?” and “How?” to answer any queries that may arise in your business or idea.”

Website: https://fenuhealth.com/
Facebook: @FenuHealth
Instagram: @fenuhealth
LinkedIn: https://ie.linkedin.com/in/kate-madden-80752716b

Katalin Ludvig

Country: Hungary

Company: BankZee

Kata started BankZee Ltd. because she has 5 younger siblings who are not very good at managing their money. She realized that there was no formal education about finances, so she started BankZee, which is a family banking solution for Generation Z and their parents. The solution consists of a gamified mobile banking app for kids, teens and their parents, and a prepaid debit card for teens. BankZee enables young people to experience financial freedom in a safe environment and supports parents to control their children’s allowances. Kata hopes that BankZee will revolutionize the way families approach financial education.

“It’s important to stay reasonable and have a healthy self-criticism, but dreams can only be achieved if people are brave enough to trust themselves and take on the challenge.”

Website: http://www.bankzee.eu
Facebook: @bankzeeofficial

Kai Lanz

Country: Germany

Company: exclamo

Kai Lanz is the 18-year-old founder and CEO of exclamo. exclamo is giving students a voice by providing a way to talk about personal problems, like bullying. With its unique approach, the award-winning company exclamo is on the way to help thousands of students in Europe.

Website: https://exclamo.org
Facebook: @exclamo.org
Instagram: @exclamo_org

Julian Paiardi

Country: Argentina

Company: Arbolado

Julian Paiardi started Arbolado when he saw that his mother manually carried out the census of the trees in his hometown on paper. He discovered, with his partner, that it was a much greater need, so he developed a solution that is currently in operation in several cities. Arbolado applies technology in the census and management of urban trees, taking care of the environment and facilitating decision making based on data analysis. Their business vision is to affirm and demonstrate the importance of trees in the environment, raise awareness and monetize trees as a natural resource.

Website: http://www.arbolado.co
Facebook: @ArboladoOficial
Instagram: @arboladooficial

Jorge Alberto Caceres Viana

Country: El Salvador

Company: e-ride

Jorge started e-ride as a way to give Salvadorans access to technological products. e-ride is a sharing economy platform that connects travelers with people who need items from the United States. Customers and travelers can sign up for the platform by downloading the app (in Google Play or AppStore) or on the company’s website. In three years, e-ride will be the leading company that Salvadorans use to buy online and get what they need from around the world.

Website: http://www.eride.network
Facebook: @eride.network
Instagram: @eride.network