Rodrigo Leopoldo Attadía Graña

Country: Argentina

Company: VESTI


Website: http://vesti.com.ar

Facebook: @vestiargentina

Instagram: @vestiargentina


Polo Graña had an idea to forge a partnership between customers and garment workers that would impact in the fashion industry around the globe. The idea is VESTI, a tech-fashion company empowering customers to design their own dresses while creating job opportunities for underemployed workers. Graña’s goal is to start a digital fashion revolution that would focus not only in the innovation of the product but also in the social responsibility of the stakeholders behind.

Daniela Blanco

Country: United States

Company: Sunthetics


Website: www.sunthetics.org


Daniela started Sunthetics to with the goal of making the chemical industry more sustainable and less harmful to the environment. She has developed a method to manufacture Nylon’s key component using renewable energy that is more efficient and less expensive than the current industrial process. Her vision is to develop efficient and clean production processes for other chemicals, using Sunthetics as the platform.