Jose Ignacio Barrientos Zamora

Country: Costa Rica

Company: BambuPallet


Website: https://bambupalletcr.com/


In 2018, Jose launched BambuPallet, a company which is pioneering pallets made from bamboo. His goal is to stop at least three million hectares of deforestation and erosion in the pallet industry. In doing so, Jose’s objective is to manage climate change by maximizing Co2 fixation and increase water conservancy by a hectare of bamboo harvested.  He believes in a triple bottom approach to business where companies generating value and impact in the economic, social and environmental sectors.

Jorge Mario Racedo Galvan

Country: Colombia

Company: microscopIA


Jorge is microscopIA founder and team leader. A Colombian startup designing biomedical solutions for low-income and rural communities, microscopIA is working to develop an automated microscope power by artificial intelligence to tackle the misdiagnosis of tropical diseases. Currently, Jorge is planning to conclude the diagnostic trials with human subjects in five years, and present the results to the Pan American Health Organization. If the technology is validated, microscopIA intends to take the microscope to the most affected areas in Africa, Asia, and Latin America where tropical diseases are emerging public health issue.

Jonathan Magaju Bakebwa

Country: China

Company: Akkadu

Website: www.akkadu.com

Facebook: @akkaducloud


Jonathan started Akkadu to give the world a means to communicate without hesitation. Akkadu is a cloud-based platform that connects those who need translation services to a community of interpreters that are remote or on-site. Additionally, Jonathan envisioned providing the global community a space to experience inspiring content through events, seminars, podcast and workshops. As Akkadu is the bridge to the experience, his dream of a global society that educates, communicates and entertains without the limitations has come true.

Alida Burke

Country: Canada

Company: The Growcer Inc.


Website: thegrowcer.ca

Facebook: @thegrowcer

Instagram: @growcer


Alida started The Growcer as a way to address food insecurity and food sovereignty in Canada. The Growcer’s flagship product, the 4th-Generation Arctic Growing System (AGS-IV), is a modular hydroponic system designed specifically for harsh climates that enables year-round commercial production of vegetables within shipping containers. Alida’s goal is to continue to grow its farmer network and relentlessly innovate to provide holistic solutions for food security and sovereignty in communities around the world.

Gustavo Fuga dos Reis

Country: Brazil

Company: 4YOU2


Website: www.4y2.org

Facebook: @4you2idiomas

Instagram: @4you2idiomas


Gustavo envisioned creating a platform for low-income families and individuals to learn English. The first low-cost model for language learning, 4YOU2 is Brazil’s fully interactive platform bringing students face to face with English teachers from 50 countries. The learning model is conversational, in real-time, blending grammar exercises with real-life scenarios. Currently, 4YOU2 has 10,000 students and eight schools. Gustavo and his team plan to open 30 new schools in the next 30 months.

Lilian Gonzalez Auza

Country: Bolivia

Company: ChinoSAN

Website: https://www.linkedin.com/company/chinosan/about/


Lilian is determined to use her expertise and help to reduce tons of seafood waste through enzyme optimization capable of converting chitin into high-value compounds. Her long term vision is to replace old chemical manufacturing processes with sustainable biological processes. ChinoSAN aims to tackle the global waste challenge using the power of enzymes.

Karma Jamtsho

Country: Bhutan

Company: Copy Cat


Website: https://copycat1.webnode.com/

Facebook: @copycatcnr

Instagram: @copycatcnr


During his first semester in college, Karma had an idea to combat the congestion he experienced at reprographic center on campus. His idea evolved into a 24/7 printing service called Copy Cat Printing. Karma founded a one-stop-shop for students printing needs. Knowing his audience, he developed a business plan focused on quality, affordability and the option of placing orders online. He hopes that Copy Cat will expand to install printers in remote schools throughout the country.

Naziba Naila Wafa

Country: Bangladesh

Company: Resurgence


Website: http://resurgencebd.org/

Facebook: @theyneedresurgence

Instagram: @resurgencebd


Naziba Wafa, Resurgence co-founder, is revolutionizing menstrual hygiene in low-income communities through low-cost, biodegradable sanitary pads made out of water hyacinth. Realizing the lack of sanitation prevailing in the slum areas of Dhaka, Bangladesh, Naziba took action to end community suffering, particularly among women with poor menstrual health.


Naziba along her team are taking further action to shatter the social stigma revolving around the topic. By empowering vulnerable populations, specifically underprivileged women, through education and employment opportunities, Naziba and her team are poised for success.

Shaikha Khaled Alabbasi

Country: Bahrain

Company: Cro&Knit


Website: www.croandknit.com

Instagram: @ Croandknit


Shaikha founded Cro&Knit; Bahrain’s first brand for high quality fabric, yarn and craft supplies in the region. Her passion for art and crochet is the driving force behind Cro&Knit affordable, easy to materials. Coupled with the company’s focus on design and sustainability, Cro&Knit will continue to grow and empower artisans through environmental initiatives and traditional crafts.

Darcy Small

Country: Australia

Company: Bugisu


Website: www.bugisuproject.co

Facebook: @bugisuproject

Instagram: @bugisuproject


Darcy started Bugisu as a social and environmental company whose focus is to create a zero waste, coffee lending services for Australian companies. Bugisu is a closed-loop coffee supplier brewing (low-waste and maximum impact) a better and more sustainable culture in workplaces. All profits are invested in development programs in Uganda where the coffee is grown. Dary is motivated by challenging the norm and inspiring change through a circular business model that prioritize people and the planet over profit.