Ivan Muck

Country: Hungary

Company: Family Finances


Website: https://familyfinances.hu

Facebook: @familyfinanceshu


Ivan has been working as a financial technology analyst at a global management consulting firm before co-founding his startup, Family Finances. He led youth banking solutions for financial institutions that help design, improve and implement banking strategies. Ivan’s background includes volunteering at a Hungarian NGO for five years along with field study assignments in Hungary, Germany, Austria focusing on education and Generation Z.  Ivan’s vision is to improve financial literacy beginning with youth programs in his community as well as offer meaningful insights—through Family Finances—that help financial institutions understand their target group.

(Aaron) So Chak Hei

Country: Hong Kong

Company: Marketemy Limited

Website: www.marketemy.online


Aaron started Marketemy Limited as a way to learn digital marketing. Marketemy offers e-marketing solutions and aims to provide hands-on experience for students interested in mastering e-marketing concepts and strategies. Focusing on Google Adwords and Facebook for Business, Aaron’s goal is to encourage more educators to adapt simulation game in their teaching, ushering in a new way of identifying talent as company’s look to recruit employees.

Alberto Jose Soto Benítez

Country: Guatemala

Company: Utopia Premium Tea


Website: http://utopiapremiumcoffee.com/


Alberto started Utopia Premium Tea after identifying a void in the marketplace: the lack of quality tea in Central America. In the journey to find the best product, he discovered the Coban region in Guatemala produced exquisite tea. Alberto’s commitment to exposing the world to Coban tea has strengthened the brand as Utopia continues to flourish.


Today, Utopia Premium Tea is known for using 100 percent local ingredients, establishing itself as the first tea blending company in Guatemala. Utopia’s vision for the future is to continue producing high- quality tea provider while expanding its client base locally and internationally.

Jason Hadzikostas

Country: Greece

Company: iCry2Talk


Website: icry2talk.com

Facebook: @iCry2Talk

Instagram: @iCry2Talk


Jason co-founded iCry2Talk in order to bridge the communication gap between parents and infants. iCry2Talk translates in real-time a baby’s cry using artificial intelligence and maps it to a specific category such as hunger, sleep, and more. iCry2Talk lays the groundwork for a holistic baby monitoring system ranging from improved software acoustic analysis to new hardware solutions. In the next few years, iCry2Talk aims to be available to parents all around the world, partnering with major healthcare providers, collaborating with key stakeholders in the baby care industry to revolutionize parent–infant communication.

Katharina Mayer

Country: Germany

Company: Kuchentratsch UG


Website: www.kuchentratsch.com

Facebook: @Kuchentratsch

Instagram: @Kuchentratsch


In 2014, Katharina founded Kuchentratsch, a company whose mission is to creates a link between employment, intergenerational exchange, and networking, as well as financial gain for seniors. Katherina identified that leaving an active working life represents the beginning of a new phase of life for seniors, which is often characterized by a feeling of being no longer needed, of isolation, and financial losses. She wanted to create a company that not only addressed the problem but served as a contact point for seniors to interact and fellowship.


Kuchentratsch is a bakery where more than 50 grannies baking delicious cakes. In 2015, she won the Münchner Gründerpreis (Founder Award) recognizing outstanding entrepreneurs in Germany. Additionally, Katharina volunteers an organization dedicated to crisis intervention. She also led a team of doctors in Mexico giving medical help just 24-hours after a 7.1 magnitude earthquake in 2017.


Katharina graduated with a degree in business administration.

Aleksi Rannikko

Country: Finland

Company: Aboe Oy


Website: www.aboe.fi

Facebook: @AboeOfficial

Instagram: @aboe.fi


Aleksi’s lifelong passion for sports, marketing and entrepreneurship is the inspiration behind Aboe. His ultimate goal is to modernize sports marketing in Finland through brand versatility, brand strategy, creative storytelling and a customer-centric approach to business. Currently, Aleksi is working with several brands in Finland, making Aboe a household name locally as he envisions one day expanding globally.

Ruth Herrera

Country: El Salvador

Company: MOCA



Instagram: @mocaoficialsv

Ruth Herrera started MOCA as a project to contribute to the El Salvadorian economy. Her entrepreneurial journey began with encouraging not only women but families and individuals to wear the styles and colors that make them feel comfortable. Herrera’s hoping to expand across the globe, helping others recover the confidence and self-esteem through MOCA swimwear. A champion for body positivity, she’s remarked, “Every body is a bikini body.”

Mahmoud Elkotb Abdallah Khirallah

Country: Egypt

Company: Eduneer


Website: www.eduneer.net


Mahmoud Elkotb Abdallah Khirallah founded Eduneer, a platform that provides online courses for Arab engineers. His goal is to boost the number of qualified engineers in the country while simultaneously challenging traditional teaching methods. Mahmoud’s goal is to brand Eduneer as the leading website in the online education space, graduating licensed professionals engineers in Egypt and beyond.

Johanna Salazar

Country: Ecuador

Company: Moshal


Website: https://moshalchocolateria.blogspot.com/

Facebook: @moshalchocolateartesanal


Johanna’s company, Moshal, applies the circular economy model with fair trade best practices to improve the lives of Ecuadorian farmers and their families. She is also motivated to use the cocoa residue from her products as biomass for renewable energy, setting an example for other business owners that corporate social responsibility is a vital component for healthy company. Johanna envisions becoming a global reference for others in the food and beverage industry.

Eddy Michael Alvarado Moreno

Country: Dominican Republic

Company: AGRO360 – ADOSOFT


Website: www.agro360.com.do


Eddy started AGRO360 with a focus on helping farmers reduce hunger worldwide. He developed an app which uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to detect diseased crops, identify the stage of the disease, and provide recommendations for its treatment. Eddy hopes AGRO360 reaches regional markets and impacts the rest of the world. Eddy’s goal is to dramatically reduce the percentage of crops loses globally, which is estimated to between twenty-five to forty percent by the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization.