Ogheneruona Onothoja

Country: Nigeria

Company: Servicemart


Website: Myservicemart.net

Instagram: @servicemart_


With an 80 percent failure rate in small businesses and over 11 million unemployed youths in Nigeria, Ogheneruona established Servicemart, a social enterprise that digitalize small to medium sized businesses (SMEs) using low cost mobile technology for connectivity and data processing.


Servicemart creates a global market reach, free cash flow and data analysis tools (using machine learning algorithm) for SMEs, ensuring that businesses have at least a 55 percent survival rate.


Ogheneruona’s vision is to support the growth of 100,000 SMEs, and by extension create jobs for 1million Africans by the year 2030. Currently, SMEs are responsible for 50 to 60 percent of all jobs created in Africa.

Fabian Lindner

Country: Netherlands

Company: Zzinga


Website: http://zzinga.com/

Facebook: @zzingabee

Instagram: @bee_zzinga


Fabian encountered mead for the first time after an exchange semester in Lithuania in 2015. The encounter served as the foundation for his company, Zzinga. His vision is to re-imagine mead as a cider-like, low alcoholic beverage. But more importantly, his mission is environmental and focused on sustainability, biodiversity and the importance of bees to the global ecosystem. Currently, Fabian is in the development phase as Zzinga seeks to distribute its product to neighboring cities.

Santosh Pandey

Country: Nepal

Company: Offering Happiness


Website: www.offeringhappiness.com

Facebook: @Offeringhappiness

Instagram: @Offeringhappiness


Offering Happiness founder, Santosh Pandey, is the first surprise planner and happiness distributor in Nepal. Known as surprise planners, Santosh and his team offer innovative ways to capture lives most precious moments. The business distributes happiness through an array of products and experiences. To date, five million Nepalese have had quality experiences, sharing seminal moments regardless of the distance in between and lack of time.

Diego Roel Chapa

Country: Mexico

Company: Strap Technologies


Website: www.strap.tech

Facebook: @strap.technologies

Instagram: @strap.technologies


His passion for innovation began when he discovered robotics at 7 years old. Three years later, Diego, 10, began teaching robotics. Driven to help the visually impaired, he founded Strap Technologies and developed a wearable device designed to detect any obstacle and notify the user of possible collisions through a vibrating alert system. In nine years, Diego turned his passion into a company whose goal is to help the visually impaired achieve complete autonomy.

Calvin Chan Yi Xuan

Country: Malaysia

Company: Green Hero


Website: www.greenhero.net

Facebook: @mushingreenenterprise

Calvin started Green Hero after learning about the law to ban food waste in France. The law formed the foundation of an idea that later turned into an online food and beverage platform. Green Hero is a space where businesses and individuals can re-distribute or re-sell food at a discounted price. The goal is to cut down on food waste that negatively impacts the environment. All food must be donated to charity, turned to compost, animal food or energy. Calvin plans is to expand Green Hero throughout Southeast Asia, and within five years, across 80 countries.

Henry Onyango Odhiambo

Country: Kenya

Company: Roometo Limited


Website: https://roometo.com/


Roometo Limited is an online classified for student accommodations. Focused on customer service, Henry’s company offers assistance to university and college students seeking to reserve a secure, comfortable, and affordable private hostel. He started the company after discovering a lack of affordable student housing in Kenya. Along with making the process easy and affordable, he hopes to expand the business to other African markets beginning with the East African region.

Ryo Ogawa

Country: Japan

Company: Taimee


Website: https://taimee.co.jp/ 

Facebook: @kuakkataimee


Ryo’s unwavering entrepreneurial spirit fueled his next project after the collapse of his first company. Seeking to revolutionize the recruiting world, he created Taimee, an application that places qualified applicants in their desired role. Ryo’s goal is to simplify the job seeking process by focusing immediacy instead rules and formalities. He is focused on future work technology that will reshape the hiring process.

Catherine (Kate) Madden

Country: Ireland

Company: FenuHealth


Website: www.FenuHealth.com


Instagram: @FenuHealth


Catherine started FenuHealth when she noticed a gap in the market for 100% natural products and supplements for horses that can be used on the day of competition. FenuHealth goal is to continue research and development of new products while maintaining high standards worldwide. Catherine’s five-year plan includes increasing brand awareness through social media marketing, resulting in more online sales.

Agus Wibowo

Country: Indonesia

Company: Agrolestari Merbabu


Instagram: @agus_wibowo15


Seeing an opportunity to increase potato productivity in Indonesia, Agro Lestari Merbabu founder Agus Wibowo’s mission is to increased yields from16-18 tons per hectare, which marks the lowest output to date. In doing so, Wibowo’s vision is to improve the welfare and well-being of potato farmers and their families.


A lucrative commodity, potato chips are one of many products produce from the farmer’s harvest. According to the Indonesia statistics board, certified potato seeds are able to cover 15 of the national needs of potatoes. Furthermore, post-harvest processing is done to increase the selling value of potatoes.

Harry Sehrawat

Country: India

Company: Sanfe


Website: www.sanfe.in


Harry founded Sanfe after a family member experienced a health scare while on vacation. Today, Sanfe is dedicated to providing women affordable healthcare products as a preventative measure to fight infections. Through the social media campaign #StandUpForYourself, Harry is focused on drawing awareness to women health issues throughout India. He believes that it is time to empower women by supporting and promoting wellness, starting with his company.