GyeYeon Cho

Country: South Korea

Company: TriPriend


Website: https://www.tripriend.net

Facebook: @TriPriendGlobal

Instagram: @tripriend


GyeYeon started WeAreFriends Co., Ltd. to bridge the divide between continents, regions, cities, and towns. WeAreFriends’s first product, TriPriend, is an international social networking app that connects travelers with locals in their respective locations. TriPriend recommends matches based mutual interests and systematically secures an offline meeting. GyeYeon’s long-term strategy is to elevate TriPriend in three phases: to market the brand as an international traveler’s opportunity to meet area locals and cultivate friendships; partner with local and global travel agencies, and to be the face of the travel industry.

Keaton Fisher Harris

Country: South Africa

Company: InforMED Global


Website: http://www.informedglobal.com/

Facebook: @informedglobal

Instagram: @informed_global


Co-founder Keaton of InforMED Global envisioned breaking the language barrier between healthcare professionals and patients. He identified a significant disparity between the quality of healthcare; the amount of diagnostic testing, and patient disease ownership. Through an offline mobile healthcare language translation tool, InforMED is refining diagnosis, enabling the heightened specificity during the physical exam. Keaton hopes to implement artificial intelligence with machine learning for real-time data results using one’s smartphone.

Martin Hrabovec

Country: Slovakia

Company: Revolware


Website: www.revolware.com

Facebook: @RevolwareCom

Martin Hrabovec started PillsPro to create a system that efficiently distributes drugs between pharmacies and suppliers. PillsPro is an artificial intelligence operated supply management framework that uses neural networks and self-enhancing algorithms to redistribute medications based on due dates, rarity, availability and other important metrics. Hrabovec goal is to provide patients with necessary drugs, increase profitability of pharmacies and expand our service globally.

Mandy Chan

Country: Singapore

Company: BOW


Website: http://www.bowforbold.com

Facebook: @bowforbold

Instagram: @bowforbold


Mandy decided to take a gap year after high school to chase her dream of becoming an entrepreneur. At 19, after an intense year of prototyping, BOW was created to design multi-functional products for the modern lifestyle, starting from bags. Mandy aims to make the world bolder and build up the #BeBOW community. BOW hopes to expand the company internationally. In doing so, the BOW community will come together to inspire and dare each other to be bolder.

Ilya Elpanov

Country: Russia

Company: Esh Derevenskoe


Website: https://esh-derevenskoe.ru/

Facebook: @EshDerevenskoe

Instagram: @esh_derevenskoe


Ilya began his entrepreneurial journey in 2015 when he established project Esh Derevenskoe. Growing up in a farming family, Ilya was aware of the problems farmers face in Russia. A natural problem solver, he created a marketplace to helps farmers to sell and deliver their products to the local community. One focus area of Ilya’s business is to help local farmers produce affordable products without worrying about sales.

Alondra Toledo

Country: Puerto Rico

Company: UnderstHand


Alondra is a healthy lifestyle and social justice advocate whose focus is reducing inequality affecting disadvantages communities. Her social activism led to the creation of an application that enables communication between health professionals and the hearing impaired. Alondra’s goal is to create more access to health services for deaf and hard-of-hearing communities globally.

Ma. Myrene Bea A Battung

Country: Philippines

Company: Prima Facie


Website: https://www.primafacie.ph

Facebook: @primafacieshoes

Instagram: @primafacie_ph


With their entrepreneurial spirit and leadership qualities, Bea co-founded Prima Facie, a shoe company, with high school classmates who shared her passion for the environment and corporate social responsibility. She is a mission-driven entrepreneur who is focused not only on producing a quality shoe but injecting a sense of pride in those who wear the sneaker.


Bea is truly innovative. After discovering water hyacinths, which currently clog metro waterways causing flooding, could be turned into a marketable product in the form of shoes, the Ananda sneaker was born. With every sneaker purchased, the company donates a pair of slippers to a kid in the community through its outreach slipPairs outreach project. Bea’s vision is to revitalize the country’s once thriving shoe industry and eventually expand into markets where water hyacinths also impose a threat.


Enzo Romero

Country: Peru

Company: Giving A Hand


Website: www.givingahandperu.org


Enzo Romero was born without a right hand. Living with a disability motivated and inspired him to think about designing a solution for other congenital amputees. His inspiration led to the development of a robotic prosthetic hand, which helped him with everyday interactions. Currently, Enzo is a research assistant at the Biomechanics & Applied Robotics Lab at Pontifical Catholic University in Peru. He is majoring in mechatronics engineering. Now the co-founder of Giving a Hand, he is the first student to establish a company in Peru. His goal: to develop a low-cost personalized hand prosthesis for low-income families and individuals. Giving a Hand’s vision is to meet the need and improve access to prosthetics in Latin America.

Kelvin Abdiel Alvarado Ramirez

Country: Panama

Company: Anay


Website: www.yalapps.com

Facebook: @yalapps

Instagram: @yalapps


Kelvin witnessed how relatives and neighbors lost their lives because an interpreter who spoke Spanish did not arrive on time. Inspired to change the outcome for others, he founded the Guna dictionary mobile app (indigenous language of Panamá) to help doctors understand their patients.


Our vision is to reduce the communication gap for indigenous peoples, increasing their access to basic health services, and decreasing the number of deaths resulting from the inability to communicate symptoms and discomfort to the attending physician.

Areej Al Medinah

Country: Pakistan

Company: ConnectHear


Website: connecthear.org

Facebook: @connecthearofficial

Instagram: @connecthear


Areej is the co-founder of ConnectHear, a social entrepreneurial start-up that connects the deaf community with sign language interpretation services. ConnectHear uses technology and social design to grant 10 million deaf individuals access to interpreters through video remote, in person interpretation or audio to sign language services in Pakistan. Areej’s vision is to provide independent communication for deaf individuals all over South Asia.