Matias Daniel Doublier

Company: Electryalg

School: Colegio Marianista

Matias Daniel Doublier is the founder of Electryalg and student at Colegio Marianista in Argentina. Electryalg creates custom, algae-based green energy solutions, turning algae into energy to provide low cost, environmentally sustainable electricity to homes, farms and other areas of Argentina that do not have or cannot afford traditional electricity solutions.



Jake Jorgovan

Company: Rabbit Hole Creative

School: Belmont University

Jake Jorgovan is an entrepreneur, dreamer, and technology nerd at heart. As a co-founder of Rabbit Hole Creative, Jake grew the company from a dorm room startup into a vibrant leader in the media production industry, a testament to his drive and vision. Living by his mantra ‘follow the rabbit’, Jake explores the unknown in both his personal and professional life. As the honored recipient of the 2011 Nashville Youth Entrepreneur of the Year Award and the third place winner of the 2011 Global Student Entrepreneur Award, Jake is committed to constant self-improvement and growth in the business community. He has worked with such artists as Dolly Parton, Cee Lo Green, and Lady Gaga. Alongside his passion in the workplace, Jake enjoys the outdoors and drawing in his free time.


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Ludwick Marishane

Company: HeadBoy Industries

School: University of Cape Town

Ludwick is the founder of HeadBoy Industries whose flagship product, DryBath emerged as the top student run business of 2011. DryBath, the world’s only bath substitute lotion for the whole body was inspired by Ludwick’s roommate who was often too lazy to take a shower. Launched in 2007, DryBath is now bringing a viable hygiene solution to millions of people with little or no access to clean water. 


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