EO GSEA Global Finals Awards

At the 2020 Virtual Global Finals, 50 student entrepreneurs from around the world will compete for the title of the 2020 EO GSEA Global Champion. While there can only be one EO GSEA Global Champion, there are several opportunities for cash prizes at the competition.

The first place winner will become the 2020 EO GSEA Global Champion and receive US$25,000, 2nd place will receive US$10,000 and 3rd place will receive US$5,000.


Chairman’s Awards

In addition to the cash prize of US$25,000 for becoming the next EO GSEA Global Champion, student competitors will have the opportunity to compete for a Chairman’s Award worth US$1,500 each; Innovation, Lessons from the Edge and Social Impact. These awards recognize specific qualities that drive the entrepreneurial spirit, how the student has overcome challenges and strives to make the world a better place.


Recognizing the student entrepreneur who has truly thought outside the box by building a business that creatively improves a process, product, method or system. Whether that idea is big or small, these ideas change the way we experience the world.

The Sergey Vykhodtsev Award – Lessons from the Edge

Recognizing the student entrepreneur who has shown perseverance and strength by taking their experience of overcoming a serious obstacle, either personally or professionally, and turning that into a valuable lesson to improve their business.

Social Impact

Recognizing the student entrepreneur whose business is making a social impact in their community, culture or country. This student’s passion to make the world a better place drives all of their entrepreneurial spirit.