Meet the 2021 Global Finalists

2021 GSEA Global Finalists

Abdullah Albaitam

University Of Bahrain

Abdullah started Edu-Kart as a way to teach a course about mechanical and electrical engineering, design, and digital fabrication in a fun, practical way. How? By building custom go-karts, then starting a new race in a special track between the participants’ go-karts. The course enables kids to trust their ideas – and bring them to fruition. Abdullah’s vision is to be part of a global movement that brings greater innovation to the learning experience and revolutionizes traditional schooling.

Educational Go Karts Builds

Efaz Ahmed

Independent University Bangladesh

Efaz started Let’s Furnish with the mission to make city life affordable and filled with freedom. Let’s Furnish began furniture for rent, which helps reduce furnishing cost by 60% annually. Later, the service expanded with appliance and laptop rental. Efaz and his team are now working to make it an all-in-one rental platform with rent-to-own plans. For high-ticket purchases, Let’s Furnish is expanding its offerings to payment plans.

Let’s Furnish

Rodrigo Farina

Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ)

Brota Company was built to enable you to grow anything, anywhere, with almost zero effort. We are about to witness a great change in the food production business. In Latin America, 70 percent of food eaten is produced by the small farmer―but all incentives these small farmers have to keep producing are starting to fade. As a result of this, agriculture is going to become mostly urban by 2030. Brota Company is poised to help Latin America adjust to this shift.

Brota Company

Seavpor Teng

Kirirom Institute of Technology

The challenges of simultaneously running a startup and studying are never-ending! Seavpor is a full-time student at Kirirom Institute of Technology; however, his passion is supporting the needs of his local community. Every weekend, Seavpor travels six hours from Kirirom Mountain to Phnom Penh, Cambodia to run his tech startup Co., Ltd. is a platform that connects household service experts to those who are facing household problems, such as electrical issues, plumbing, electronic device malfunction and more. His vision is to make household problems no problem at all.

Lianna Genovese

McMaster University

Lianna was inspired to create ImaginAble Solutions after seeing the smile her school project brought to a child living with Cerebral Palsy. ImaginAble Solutions is an assistive-technology company focused on developing Guided Hands™, an assistive device that enables anyone living with limited hand dexterity to write, draw and paint, as well as type and scroll, on a tablet, phone or computer. Lianna’s vision is to use her biomedical and mechanical engineering background to innovate towards helping individuals regain independence and quality of life while enabling them to live the life they imagine.

ImaginAble Solutions

Camilo Salinas

Universidad de los Andes

Camilo created Residia after observing communication conflicts inside residential complexes, especially when his own father struggled with the management at the residential community in which he lives. Residia, a multiplatform app, is designed to help grow residential communities. The app has over 15 functionalities to facilitate the internal processes and ease communication between all community members. Within the next three years, Residia aims to bring over 500,000 neighbors together all around Latam.


Katherine Jimenez

Dominican Republic
Pontificia Universidad Católica Madre y Maestro

Katherine’s immense passion for beautiful and healthy hair led her to start M.Earth with a vision for changing the market. M.Earth products are free of sulfate and salt and are designed to help people who suffer from hair loss. Katherine’s vision is to expand into other natural cosmetic and beauty products and position the brand across all markets.

M Earth

Bertha Mishell Ponce

Escuela Superior Politecnica de Chimborazo ( ESPOCH )

I started my business when I saw an opportunity not only to rescue a species that is in danger of extinction, but to obtain high added value without cutting it down. Ishpingo, or cinnamon essential oil, is used mostly as medicine or as a cosmetic product. As a medicine, it’s often used to help reduce stress, anxiety and hypertension, helping us treat our medical problems with natural products. My vision for the business is to develop the largest ishpingo production business in the world by extracting the essential oil from the cinnamon of the amazonas tree and then reforesting it.


Gabriela Sobenes

El Salvador

Gabriela started LOL Academy as a way to innovate in education by focusing on languages. Its purpose is to deliver students an incredible experience and boost to their language learning curve by immersing them via virtual reality and videogame practices, providing them with the best out of both worlds: videogames and education. Gabriela’s vision for LOL Academy is to expand worldwide as an MMORPG VR game that will help people to simultaneously learn a target language and live its culture―all without leaving home.

LOL Academy

Simo Kekäläinen

University of Oulu

There are bystanders. And there are doers. We started Jalla Board to give a voice to the voiceless and bring important topics of our society into the limelight. We do this by creating sustainable design products with love from Finland. In the coming years, we hope to see Jalla Board become THE design brand for all those who like to skate, carry a message or who just enjoy Scandinavian design.

Jalla Board / Board Members Oy

Lukas Petrasch

SRH Fernhochschule – The Mobile University

Lukas founded Cargoboard to drive digitalization in the logistics industry and make access and communication to freight forwarders barrier-free. Cargoboard brings the best transport solution for local champions to world-leading companies through their exclusive network, great UX, APIs and excellent customer service. Lukas’s vision with Cargoboard is to be the largest general cargo forwarder in Europe, with the most efficient and co2-saving network.

Cargoboard GmbH & Co. KG

Nikolaos Varveris

Wrexham Glyndŵr University – IST College

OVIVIEW started as a response to the costly and time-consuming hiring procedures in the traditional recruiting processes, for recruiters and candidates. OVIVIEW combines advantages for all sides in performance and efficiency matters. With OVIVIEW, professionals can pre-screen applicants through customized video pitches prior to an actual interview, eliminating costs, time and distance. We are determined in our vision and aim to become the catalyst for global businesses to organize their recruitment processes with absolute transparency, accessibility, convenience and simplicity, as a key factor in digital workplace transformation worldwide.


Edy Rene Samayoa

Universidad de San Carlos de Guatemala

Edy is the founder of Resivetto Design. Together with his brother Julio and family, they create unique, sustainably-crafted, hand-carved pieces. Using materials such as wood, bamboo, and recycled plastic combined with resin, Resivetto designs creates everything from keychains to furniture. They use digital tools to innovate in design and production. “We have specialized in architecture, 3D modeling and environmental management,” Edy says, “through which we seek to expand. We’re creating a social and environmental impact with our products, moving towards a circular economy in architecture, as well as being the supplier of handicrafts in our country for the tourism economy.”

Resivetto Design

Bence Balázs

University of Veterinary Medicine Budapest/ Corvinus University of Budapest

As a young man, Bence was always involved in building his family’s agricultural business. During his fourth year of university he met Endre; together, they began building an indoor farm to serve local chefs. He was fascinated by the fact that, through technology, they could control the weather and biological safety of their products. Bence and Endre hope to build up a franchise network where people can produce clean, fresh, nourishing and locally-sourced plant-based ingredients according to local gastronomic demand. Mezőgazdasági Kft.

Ambula Gopi Raja

Koneru Lakshmaiah Education Foundation (KL University)

Gopi Raja grew up as the son of a farmer. As a result, he has seen his father face many health problems from the pesticides used in their fields. To solve this problem experienced not only by his father, but the entire farming community, he and his co-founders created Drone Raja, a fertilizer-spraying drone capable of spraying fields with pesticide in less than ten minutes. The results have gained praise and attention from fellow farmers, leading to the founding of Fopple (the fourth apple) Drone Tech PVT. LTD. There are now over 50 Fopple franchises in India’s southern states.

Fopple Drone Tech Private Limited

Fattaah Septian Dwi Cahyo

Islamic University of Malang

AgriTronz is an IoT platform for horticultural and organic farming which aims to positively impact crops by reducing operating costs and increasing yields. Agritronz has a vision for the socio-economic glory of farmers in Indonesia.


Jack O’Connor

University of Limerick

Jack started Moyo Nua after seeing the labour intensity of smallholder farmers in developing countries firsthand. Moyo Nua has created a new innovation – a handheld seed planter – for use by smallholder farmers in resource-poor communities who lack access to farm machinery or automation. Jack hopes to grow Moyo Nua from its current operations in rural Malawi to more areas. His vision is to  work with NGOs and companies alike who work with smallholder farmers on the ground.

Moyo Nua

Osamu Iizuka

Kyushu University

Osamu started Medmain to develop and provide a pathology AI analysis solution called “PidPort.” PidPort is a product that enables the presentation of highly accurate and rapid analysis results by pathological AI developed through deep learning. It also enables online pathological diagnosis, such as telepathology. This solution aims to address the global shortage of pathologists who observe patients’ tissues and cells to determine the presence of cancer and the treatment process. This shortage results in serious delays in pathological diagnoses. With “PidPort,” Osamu seeks to create a society where everyone can attain pathological diagnosis immediately and at a high standard.

Medmain Inc.

Aruzhan Amanbaeva

Kazakh-British Technical University

Tne Soul Education is a safe and secure space for the development of children and parents. Aruzhan Amanbaeva believes that every child is special and deserves help in school, no matter what mental and/or physical problems they face. Tne Soul Education provides a unique course designed with psychologists and healthcare professionals that helps the child develop and provides greater interaction with the child’s parents. Aruzhan’s goal for the next three years is to enter the world market, make Tne Soul Education’s programme available in four languages (both on and offline) and help more than 20,000 children and parents.

The Soul


Jomo Kenyatta University Of Agriculture And Technology

Josephine Adeti is the founder and team lead of Awesome Scribers, an early stage startup that makes learning fun, engaging and inclusive through the use of captivating graphic illustrations and animations. Josephine began Awesome Scribers years after she was diagnosed with moderate-severe hearing loss. Her goal is to create captivating and inclusive digital content, both for educational purposes and for advertising. Her vision is to see businesses and educational institutions putting out inclusive digital content. The work her business is doing is accomplishing just that― bridging this gap.

Awesome Scribers

Roberta Elizondo

The Power MBA

Roberta is a Mexican social entrepreneur inspired by the lessons she learned through travel. She seeks to transform the tourism industry with her business Travelers With Cause, which promotes responsible tourism by contributing to develop sustainable communities in over 30 countries. Roberta hopes that, through Travelers With Cause, she can impact both travelers and communities, eliminate social barriers and provide life-changing experiences in young travelers by helping them to become more empathetic citizens of the world.

Travelers With Cause

Kobit Baniya

Patan Multiple Campus

Leaf Plus is an organization founded by three young engineering and agriculture graduates from Nepal in an attempt to reduce the global plastic hazard. Leaf Plus is focuses on replacing single-use plastics by producing and promoting biodegradable, disposable plates and utensils made from natural fallen leaves of areca palm trees. Leaf Plus aims to revolutionize the single-use plastic utensils and cutleries industries by not limiting the raw material resources to Areca leaf, but rather by working with diverse alternative natural resources and introducing itself as a global brand of Nepal.

Leaf Plus Pvt. Ltd.

Jelle Schuitemaker

Technical University Eindhoven – The Netherlands

Jelle is a young and passionate entrepreneur from the startup GOAL 3. Jelle is using his skills and interests in building businesses to be a startup activist for change. He co-founded GOAL 3 with the mission to create high-quality, data-driven medical equipment for the places that need it most, with the vision to make healthcare fair and accessible to everyone around the world. The first product GOAL 3 is creating is the IMPALA patient monitoring system for babies and children. This system can predict sepsis at an early age, which has the potential to reduce millions of neonatal and pediatric deaths every year.


Syed Usman Shah

Abbbottabad University Of Science And Technology

Syed Usman Shah started SilaiyaT Technologies as both a crowdsourcing platform for Pakistan’s seamstresses and as a way to introduce an online customized tailoring platform to customers. SilaiyaT’s main focus is to help local micro entrepreneurs (seamstresses) start earning a higher salary; the platform will also help resolve the supply-and-demand issues customers face in the tailoring market. Syed hopes that SilaiyaT will scale and expand across all markets and support those seamstresses facing hardships, despite their incredible skill set. After empowering these micro entrepreneurs to scale their own businesses, SilaiyaT will expand globally and provide customized tailoring solutions worldwide.


Carlos Gaitan

Universidad del Istmo

Hailey’s is an ice cream parlour and fast food restaurant that started out as a university project. Within its first 20 days of operation, Hailey’s earned over US$21,000, which was reinvested to open its first branch. Due to the pandemic, we had to reinvent its traditional business model and turn it into a “Ghost Kitchen.” There, Hailey’s ranks in the top 10 restaurants with the most orders in the region.

My vision for Hailey’s is that it can become the first Panamanian fast food franchise to hit international ground using the Ghost Kitchen business model.


Javier Barreda

Universidad de Ingeniería y Tecnología

Javier created Luteach as a way to reduce the 50% dropout university rate in Latin America and the regional deficit of STEM professionals. Luteach is an e-learning platform for freshman STEM students that offers Calculus, Physics, Programming, Chemistry and other science and engineering subjects. Luteach connects highly qualified senior students with freshman students to receive one-to-one or group tutoring sessions. They have more than 10,000 dictated classes and are helping hundreds of students to pass their courses and create income opportunities for the students capable of sharing their knowledge in a structured way. It’s a platform created by students, for students.


Charles de Belen

Asian Institute of Management

Charles is the legal head of a congressional office, business consultancy and NGO focused on good governance. He served as the president of the Law Student Government, a 20x debating and mooting champion, and an editor of the Law Journal. Upon graduation, Charles was awarded the San Beda Alumni Award for Excellence and Leadership. He was also awarded for the most creative investment portfolio in the McGill International Portfolio Challenge and was named a COVID-19 Living Hero for his mobile app, EndCoV. His chatbot, Bantay, won in the UNDP’s Youth Social Innovation Lab and the ADB Digital Innovation Competition for Governance.


Alejandro Aponte

Puerto Rico
University of Puerto Rico, Mayaguez Campus

Alejandro and his co-founders started Immersive Learning LLC with the goal of creating education tools of the future, today. Using emerging technologies, Immersive Learning focuses on developing educational tools and resources that provide a balance between digital content and hands-on learning. Alejandro hopes that Immersive Learning will become a pioneer in developing, evolving and integrating the latest tech in education, using tools that can adapt to students’ unique learning methods.

Immersive Learning

Anastasia Staroverova

Russian Federation
Synergy University

Anastasia decided to launch Connect+ when she discovered the lack of smart tools available to help people connect and grow professionally. Connect+ is an AI-powered mobile app which suggests specialists matching your professional aims or general interests. Anastasia looks forward to building a global ecosystem that will unite people and their missions.


Daryl Lim

National University of Singapore

Daryl is the co-founder of Augmentus, an AI-robotics software company. There, Daryl works closely with robot manufacturers and system integrators to lower the skill and cost barriers for companies seeking to adopt robotic automation. Prior to his work in Augmentus, Daryl co-founded Illuminate Singapore―a social issue conversations platform―and Edge Neo, a computing distribution company that is the largest distributor of blockchain encryption solutions in SEA.  His life-long goal is to build a sustainable future that is exciting and inspiring for the next generation by positioning himself at the forefront of the fourth industrial revolution.


Erik Kuzma

Technical University of Kosice

Erik is a student at the Technical University of Kosice, Slovakia. He is an experienced communicator with a demonstrated history of studying and research in transport and logistics. Erik applies his skills in Microsoft Suite, management and leadership to his business ventures.

Erik Kuzma – URBANO

Randolph Bruce Meth

South Africa
Nelson Mandela University

I have always centred myself in change and creating an impact, and Silicon Energy Technology is an extension of that orientation. Our team is passionate about bringing about sustainable change by offering smart renewable energy solutions that speak to the African market.

Silicon Energy sees itself as an Independent Power Producer, with a footprint across the value chain through manufacturing of renewable energy products and the distribution and installation of renewable energy solutions.

Silicon Energy Technology

Jungil Park

South Korea
Hanyang University

Loka101 was created in order to solve residential housing problems in Seoul, South Korea’s capital city. Many single residents, such as college students and young adults, are experiencing difficulties finding safe and affordable housing. Jungil and his team are aiming to revitalize an abandoned property into a youth dorm to accommodate single residents. Loka is aiming to create a residential town within the city that is affordable, sustainable and pleasant to live in.


Maria Villar


María saw the perfect moment to help hotel and catering industry digitalize after COVID-19 through her business, Foodinn. By putting the commands and payments in the hands of the diners, operations become much easier and cost-efficient. With Foodinn, María will be able to help the industry take this needed step towards agility, digitalization and better customer experience, not only in Spain but also in other countries facing a similar situation.

Foodinn App

Dilanka Sanjaya

Sri Lanka
PRINCE College

FONIX Software Solutions is a leading performer in providing quality web and software development solutions in the competitive global marketplace. Dilanka hopes to expand this business worldwide and provide quality service to global customers. FONIX Software Solutions has more than four startups:,, and

FONIX Software Solutions PVT LTD.

David Denis


David has always been pushed to create opportunities for the rest of his community by developing solutions to the pressing issues they face. CutOff Recycle not only helps to reduce the amount of waste hair that contributes to pollution, but provides employment opportunities to over 100 young people in Arusha, Tanzania, both directly and indirectly. Says David, “As an entrepreneur, I am inspired to create a better environment for job access for young people. In five years, CutOff Recycle is going to employ 3,000 young people in Tanzania and become a pioneer in waste management.”



Selen Şenal

Yeditepe University

Selen Şenal is founder of Algae Biodiesel, which produces carbon negative biofuels from wastewater and flue gas by microalgae. Algae Biodiesel reduces emissions thanks to its superior carbon capture technology, all while providing a sustainable solution to industrial waste water and flue gas treatment. Algae Biodiesel aims to keep climate change below 1.5C. Selen hopes that carbon negative biofuels will expand across all markets where, due to high emission rates, fossil fuel consumption is impacting traditional systems at a critical level.


Rachel Zietz

United States
Princeton University

Rachel is the founder of Gladiator Lacrosse, a high-quality sports training equipment line with an affordable price point. Gladiator Lacrosse was the official goal sponsor of the World Lacrosse Cup. Rachel has been featured in many publications, including The New York Times, USA Today, Forbes and TIME Magazine, and has been named one of the 30 most influential teens of 2016. Rachel also appeared on ABC’s hit television show Shark Tank. She was recently named to Forbes 30 Under 30 for the retail category in 2020―the youngest member in the category. Rachel is currently a student at Princeton University.

Gladiator Lacrosse LLC