Own the Room on Disney+

Join 51 students from across the globe as they compete to make their dreams come true at EO’s Global Student Entrepreneur Awards (GSEA).
Their work has already changed their lives, but are they ready to change the world? Find out – in the new documentary film from National Geographic Own the Room, streaming March 12 only on Disney+.

Dare to Startup Podcast 

Dare to Startup is a podcast that tells the real-life stories of early-stage business owners on the brink of success. Our host, Tyler Olson (EO Minnesota), is a former Global Student Entrepreneur Awards winner, Accelerator graduate and current EO member. On this show, Tyler engages in in-depth conversations with GSEA and Accelerator participants to gain insight into the unique challenges faced by entrepreneurs. Together, they explore the entire entrepreneurial experience and get to the core of why these startup founders decided to embark on the journey of launching a business.

These guests come from all industries and countries around the world. Tune in to hear them share their inspirational stories and renew the daring spark of your own entrepreneurial dreams.

Tune into this podcast by entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs.