Live Competition Policies

  1. Competitors can only watch the other presentations after they themselves have presented.
  2. Only the finalist can take part in the presentation. Other individuals may help with setup; however, these individuals are not permitted to present and are not included in the award package.
  3. If there is an interruption during the presentation period which results in the stoppage of the presentation, the room moderator/timekeeper will allocate additional time to the student presenter as interpreted by the timekeeper for adjustment. The timekeeper has final decision on the addition of time due to interruption.
  4. Students must follow the rules and procedures as outlined in the ‘Finalist Guide.’
  5. Competitors can bring sample products. Competitors may share food samples as necessary to demonstrate their product, but may not give complimentary samples outside of their presentation.
  6. Any deliberate action taken by a competitor or their agent to disrupt, damage or impair other competitors before or during the presentations will be cause for disqualification from the competition.
  7. The failure of competitors and their agents to comply within the terms outlined in the ‘Finalist Guide’ and/or the policies of this document may result in the disqualification of the competitor.