Judging Criteria

Part 1:

Evaluate the Entrepreneur

1. The student demonstrates the tenacious spirit needed to succeed as an entrepreneur. He/she has encountered challenges, overcome them, and learned from his/her mistakes.
2. The student is effectively integrating the two roles of life – as a student AND a business owner.
3. The student demonstrates a desire to build a better tomorrow. He/she aims to improve a process or solve a problem with motivations not solely based on driving profits.
4. EO Core Value #1 – Trust and Respect – The student has demonstrated an appropriate degree of trust
and respect in his/her interactions with the judges. He/she is true to self, demonstrating vulnerability and openness. You find him/her to be trustworthy.
5. EO Core Value #2 – Thirst for Learning – The student is seeking out expert advice and wisdom, and proactively growing his/her own knowledge. He/she is naturally curious.
6. EO Core Value #3 – Think Big, Be Bold – The student is taking smart risks and evolving to meet changing circumstances. He/she aims to make positive change.
7. EO Core Value #4 – Together We Grow – The student is open-minded, adds value to the entrepreneurial community and is committed to helping others grow. He/she values diversity and inclusivity in life and business.

Part 2:

Evaluate the Business

1. Has the student demonstrated a knowledge of strong business fundamentals and shown that they are in practice in the business? Has he/she provided information relating to the growth, revenue and profit of the business?
2. Has the student effectively communicated the business and its vision?
3. Does the business show strong potential for future growth?