(Travis) Yang Chun-Chen

Last Update: 14 March 2019

Country: Taiwan

Company: Neurobit Technologies Co., Ltd.


Website: https://www.neurobittech.com/

Facebook: @neurobit.tech


Travis Yang’s desire to help fight brain disease led to Neurobit, a biomedical company developing telemedicine devices to care for patients who aren’t physically present for treatment. He and his team developed Neurospeed, a wireless high-resolution recording device that scans of both eyes making nystagmus and eye-movement related examination much more accessible. The device is capable of fully integrating with apps on PC or tablet for video, streaming critical information for diagnosis and treatment.


Currently, Yang is seeking Food and Drug Administration (FDA), CE, Taiwan FDA, and China FDA approval which will take approximately three years. Once approved, his goal is to reach broader populations globally through digital clinical care channels.