Ryan Beckmand

Last Update: 1 July 2016

Company: Sciosity Builds Advanced

School: Curtin University

Sciosity builds advanced virtual reality simulations for clients within the academic and private sector to revolutionize the way technology is used to develop tangible and complex skills. Through using existing course content and assessment criteria, the team at Sciosity use this as a foundation to build tailored virtual reality simulations in which a trainee or student can experience situations they would otherwise never be able to in reality due to danger or impracticality. Furthermore, each trainee or student is consistently being tracked and challenged while using the simulation to enhance the learning experience and the understanding of the student from the assessor’s perspective. Going forward Sciosity have some rapid expansion plans, including moving into the Defence sector over the coming months as well as releasing publicly available analytics and simulations for easy use via a simple download. Sciosity is one of the first entities in the country to successfully utilize and combine Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence, and Data Mining Analytics technologies to enhance the relevance of VR to educational purposes, rather than just entertainment.


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