Ross Arsenault

Last Update: 1 July 2020

Country: Canada

Company: Ashored Innovations

Ross started Ashored to address the fundamental inefficiencies and negative environmental impacts of commercial trap fishing. Ashored’s first products, MOBI and ATLAS, are an underwater buoy release system and accompanying gear tracking software respectively. Ross works closely with his team and network of partners to deliver innovative solutions that are actually practical and reliable for the user. Ashored has positioned itself to be the world leader in this ‘ropeless fishing’ industry, and will succeed by launching a fully modular product in Canada, the US, and UK, thus reducing rates of entanglements, gear-loss (and ghost fishing) and protection-based fishing zone closures.

“Becoming an entrepreneur has allowed me to like, respect, and take care of myself better than I ever have in my life.”

Facebook: @AshoredCA
Instagram: @AshoredCA