Rohit Kumar Marwadi

Last Update: 7 May 2018

Country: Nepal

Company: Agroculture Nepal pvt ltd

School: The Times International College 

Rohit Kumar Marwadi launched Agroculture Nepal after attending the 2013 Everest Summit, realizing his true potential and how he could make a difference in his community. Agroculture Nepal produces Chhrupi dog chews using an ancient Himalayan recipe. His product is manufactured in remote villages of Nepal and contributes to the livelihood of over 3,000 dairy farmers. He credits his success to building a strong team around a good work ethic, mutual respect and a thirst for learning. Marwadi’s vision for the future is not only to grow his company and diversify his product line, but to shape Agroculture Nepal into an ethical, patriotic and socially responsible company.