Pema Singye

Last Update: 1 May 2018

Country: Bhutan

Company: Druk SmaTech Company

School: College of Science and Technology 

Studying electronics and communication at the College of Science and Technology in Bhutan, Pema Singye built his company, Druk SmaTech Company, where he focuses on consumer electronics devices. His user-friendly Smart Switch System operates electrical home applications like lights, fans, geysers and heaters which can be turned on and off using mobile apps either through Bluetooth or by remote IP-based technology, saving on energy. Apart from Smart Switch System(S^3), he built a machine called the Smart Milk Cream Separator to offer farmers an alternative to the unhygienic, century-old milk churners currently being used. Innovating, solving problems and improving the livelihoods of the common people, especially farmers, is the driving factor behind his entrepreneurial spirit. Singye’s plans for the future focus around designing and manufacturing other processing machines that will aid the farming industry in addition to other consumer electronics devices.