Md. Fozley Elahi

Last Update: 27 June 2016

Company: NutriFeed

School: University of Dhaka

NutriFeed produces novel, culturally-acceptable poultry feeds that is: a) low-cost: 52% lesser than existing feeds solution. b) waste-recycling: made from readily-available but unexploited environmental resources & agricultural waste such as mango seed kernels; elephant grass; unused vegetable waste etc. NutriFeed operates a community-based and self-supportive model where we engage local youths and women in the collection of raw materials. Besides, we select, train and empower and deprived unemployed women for supplying and selling our farms’ products within their own communities. As our novel raw materials are very cheap, we sell feeds to the poultry farmers at USD 6 for one sack (25 kg) whereas competitor’s price ranges from USD 12 to USD 15. NutriFeed’s main competitive advantages are a) the unique production process- from fruit kernel, peel vegetable waste to poultry feed b) Local unemployed youth and women are the suppliers of the raw materials and seller of the NutriFeed products c) NutriFeed’s sell feed at 52% lower cost. Until now we have raised fund USD 40000 of which USD 20000 from our own capital, USD 13,000 from bank loan, and USD 7000 from the external investor in exchange of 5% equity.


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