Kwa Jian Hui Jackson

Last Update: 30 June 2016

Company: TechSociety Private Limited

School: Singapore Management University

TechSociety is a new-generation coding academy that works with students aged 10-18 YO through a Tech Entrepreneurship curriculum across Singapore, Hong Kong, and Vietnam. We leverage and redesign physical classroom spaces with our proprietary “Play, Experiment, Create, Pitch” pedagogy to achieve optimal engagement and maximum education outcomes for students. We are the founding member and creator of The Curiosity Network, a curated digital platform that is akin to the Star Alliance of the education industry – that includes seamless education experiences across partners and a Frequent Learner Program (Earn/Redeem Curiosity Points for Classes within the Network). We aim to change the future of Tech Education and bring together together premier education companies and providing high-quality holistic education across Asia & the world.