Katalin Ludvig

Last Update: 11 March 2020

Country: Hungary

Company: BankZee

Kata started BankZee Ltd. because she has 5 younger siblings who are not very good at managing their money. She realized that there was no formal education about finances, so she started BankZee, which is a family banking solution for Generation Z and their parents. The solution consists of a gamified mobile banking app for kids, teens and their parents, and a prepaid debit card for teens. BankZee enables young people to experience financial freedom in a safe environment and supports parents to control their children’s allowances. Kata hopes that BankZee will revolutionize the way families approach financial education.

“It’s important to stay reasonable and have a healthy self-criticism, but dreams can only be achieved if people are brave enough to trust themselves and take on the challenge.”

Website: http://www.bankzee.eu
Facebook: @bankzeeofficial