Hasan Zafer Elcik

Last Update: 22 May 2017

Company: Otsimo

School: Middle East Technical University

Hasan believes that education must be accessible for everyone to effectively create change. He created Otsimo, a mobile platform that produces educational materials for children with autism and offers reporting and optimization systems based on machine learning to the children’s families. The biggest obstacle he has faced thus far is finding good team players; he overcomes this by giving his employees an inspiring purpose. Thirst for learning is one EO core value that defines Hasan’s journey, because as an educational start-up, he believes learning is the key to success. He also wants to make a mark: “Being in the fortunate 1% of the world gives us a great responsibility. We have to be happy and make people happy. We have to do good for people, improve their lives, touch their life in a better way. When one of us falls, we must all offer a hand to help.”