Facundo Noya

Last Update: 30 April 2018

Country: Argentina

Company: Ebers

School: National University of Cordoba


Certain side effects of diabetes can require the need for extensive medical attention and can have a life-altering impact on the patient. One of the common side effects of diabetes is the loss of sensation in the feet, potentially leading to amputation of that limb. The impact of these side effects caused Facundo to start his company, Ebers, which produces Bluetooth-enabled shoe insoles with temperature and humidity pressure sensors that monitor the climate of the foot in hopes of avoiding ulcers that lead to amputations. This technology is controlled by a Bluetooth connection to a cell phone, providing the patient with all of the information and reminders necessary to avoid this unfortunate side effect. Facundo hopes to continue growing the product and providing more innovations in the future to markets outside of Argentina.