Esther Vargas

Last Update: 7 May 2018

Country: Nicaragua

Company: Ometepe Bilingual School

School: Paulo Freire University

Esther embarked on her entrepreneurial journey by combining her passion of providing quality education and nutrition to underprivileged children and her desire to improve tourist experiences
on Ometepe Island. Esther owns and operates Hacienda Merida and the Ometepe Bilingual School, two ventures that support her interests, with 40 percent of the revenues from Hacienda Merida going directly to Ometepe Bilingual School. The school’s sustainability is linked to the financial success of the Hacienda Merida Hotel and to the continued support of volunteer study or travel programs where groups volunteer at the school teaching English or providing on-site support in other ways. As a mother, Esther is passionate about continuing to grow this school system to support youth education in Nicaragua and its surrounding countries.