Enzo Romero

Last Update: 14 March 2019

Country: Peru

Company: Giving A Hand


Website: www.givingahandperu.org


Enzo Romero was born without a right hand. Living with a disability motivated and inspired him to think about designing a solution for other congenital amputees. His inspiration led to the development of a robotic prosthetic hand, which helped him with everyday interactions. Currently, Enzo is a research assistant at the Biomechanics & Applied Robotics Lab at Pontifical Catholic University in Peru. He is majoring in mechatronics engineering. Now the co-founder of Giving a Hand, he is the first student to establish a company in Peru. His goal: to develop a low-cost personalized hand prosthesis for low-income families and individuals. Giving a Hand’s vision is to meet the need and improve access to prosthetics in Latin America.