Danya Sherman

Last Update: 8 May 2018

Country: United States

Company: KnoNap

School: George Washington University 

With her passion to start a movement to end sexual assault and exploitation facilitated by rape drugs, Danya launched KnoNap, a napkin that tests for rape drug presence in drinks. Danya’s motivation in launching KnoNap stemmed from her personal tie to the issue of sexual assault, but she is constantly inspired and motivated by the stories of her peers. At the start of this venture, Danya’s personal experience became an obstacle; every conversation or pitch involved sharing her story of sexual assault. However, after making the mental decision to no longer see herself as a victim but rather as a survivor, she became a voice for this issue. Committed to pushing for social change, Danya hopes that in three years, KnoNap products will be available nationwide at any public bars, clubs, grocery stores, liquor stores, universities, health centers and drug stores.