Anargyros Koutroumpas

Last Update: 2 May 2018

Country: Greece

Company: Cleopatra’s Sponges

School:  University of Piraeus

As a diver, Anargyros is familiar with the marine ecosystem and developed an interest in the natural sponge trading industry. Due to overfishing and a series of epidemics over the past 30 years, the natural sponge population in the Mediterranean has been decimated, with Greek Fine Silk sponges facing imminent extinction. In an effort to save these species from extinction, Anargyros created Cleopatra’s Sponges, the first commercial sponge aquaculture in Greece, providing a sustainable supply of high-quality sponges, including the Greek Fine Silk sponge. Anargyros feels a deep sense of duty to help Greece build a brighter future and hopes that his business efforts will leave a lasting impact on the environment.