Adolfo Castañeda

Last Update: 30 June 2016

Company: Rain Smart

School: Universidad Francisco Marroquín

Equipito LLC was created for the purpose of serving as a commercial vehicle for any ideas that I intended to turn into businesses. For the past year I’ve been working on a product called Rain Smart. It’s essentially a gadget for your car in order to avoid rain water when getting in and out of your car. We have had 3 prototypes, 2 small market research samples, 1 unsuccessful Indiegogo campaign, and one Gadget Flow listing that has drawn a LOT of attention. Over 10,000 people have seen Rain Smart online in less than 50 days, 1,800+ people have shown interest to pre-order at a price point of $99 but have been drawn away by the waiting period. We are trying to start a company around this product, through distribution agreements, licensing and online sales.