20-21 Competition Locations

Current Competition Locations

Ready to apply? Search below to see the available competitions in your country. Type your country name into the search bar. If your country does not appear, please feel free to still apply, and select “Other” as your competition selection. As competition locations are confirmed regularly, we will connect you with a competition should one become available in your city/country.

National Competitions

If there is more than one competition in your country, you must win your local competition to qualify for the National Competition. The National Competition winner will advance to the Global Finals

Brazil National Competition: 26 February 2021
Canada National Competition: 21 January 2021
India National Competition: 12 February 2021
Japan National Competition: 23 January 2021
Mexico National Competition: 25 February 2021
Pakistan National Competition: 24 February 2021
South Africa National Competition: 26 February 2021
Spain National Competition: 25 February 2021
US National Competition: 22-25 February 2021