“Start It Up,” a total social media success

9 September 2022

“Start It Up”, a brand new miniseries powered by the Entrepreneurs Organization, which launched in June 2022 has amassed over 5 million views in the first month of its release.

The Global Student Entrepreneur Awards (GSEA) a programme of the Entrepreneurs Organization is the basis of a four-episode series ‘Start It Up’, which premiered on June 8 and quickly captivated the hearts and minds of viewers around the world, earning over 11 thousand subscribers to the official GSEA’s channel on YouTube, where the miniseries was streamed.

The miniseries chronicles exceptional university student business founders competing in the GSEA 2021-2022 competition season. Each year thousands of students around the world, who own and operate a business while in college, compete locally, nationally, and regionally in pitch competitions to become the GSEA Global Champion. The top six candidates, whose entrepreneurial and competition journey is featured in the miniseries, earned their spots in the grand finale in an intense competition against 60 other global finalists.

While GSEA is a high-stakes competition that provides coveted opportunities and a total cash prize of US$85 000 to expand the competitors’ game changing businesses and make an impact in the world, the real focus of Start It Up lies in the inspiring and heartfelt stories of the “studentpreneurs.”

Episodes 1 and 2 will take you on a journey around the world to introduce you to some of the Top 18 semi-finalists, who are tasked with persuading the judges that they are the ones who should progress to the finals. Episode 3 offers a rollercoaster of emotions with judges making choosing the top six candidates who will compete for the title of the Global Champion. Finally, episode four is the culmination of this transformative journey, especially for those viewers rooting for their favorite participants, with the top six candidates presenting polished pitches to the panel to determine the Global Champion.

To date, the four episodes have accumulated more than 5k likes on YouTube. The episodes prompted people to post various comments. “NIKKI BANZ! The host is all that! Great content! I wanna see how this plays out!” shared a viewer under the first episode. Another viewer commented, “Episode 1. Amazing. EO doing soooo much for the student entrepreneurs. Amazing stories. captured and edited professionally. thank you GSEA Team. Waiting eagerly for the Episode 2.” “Very inspirational. Well done,” wrote a third.

The inspirational miniseries had 14M engagements across Facebook, Instagram and Youtube, a truly exciting number as more and more young students across the globe are inspired to take the leap and become game changing entrepreneurs of the future.