2021 Global Finals – Winners


Roberta Elizondo

1st Place

Roberta is a Mexican social entrepreneur inspired by the lessons she learned through travel. She seeks to transform the tourism industry with her business Travelers With Cause, which promotes responsible tourism by contributing to develop sustainable communities in over 30 countries. Roberta hopes that, through Travelers With Cause, she can impact both travelers and communities, eliminate social barriers and provide life-changing experiences in young travelers by helping them to become more empathetic citizens of the world.

Travelers With Cause


David Denis

2nd Place

David has always been pushed to create opportunities for the rest of his community by developing solutions to the pressing issues they face. CutOff Recycle not only helps to reduce the amount of waste hair that contributes to pollution, but provides employment opportunities to over 100 young people in Arusha, Tanzania, both directly and indirectly. Says David, “As an entrepreneur, I am inspired to create a better environment for job access for young people. In five years, CutOff Recycle is going to employ 3,000 young people in Tanzania and become a pioneer in waste management.”


Camilo Salinas

3rd place

Camilo created Residia after observing communication conflicts inside residential complexes, especially when his own father struggled with the management at the residential community in which he lives. Residia, a multiplatform app, is designed to help grow residential communities. The app has over 15 functionalities to facilitate the internal processes and ease communication between all community members. Within the next three years, Residia aims to bring over 500,000 neighbors together all around Latam.



Lianna Genovese

Innovation Award

Lianna was inspired to create ImaginAble Solutions after seeing the smile her school project brought to a child living with Cerebral Palsy. ImaginAble Solutions is an assistive-technology company focused on developing Guided Hands™, an assistive device that enables anyone living with limited hand dexterity to write, draw and paint, as well as type and scroll, on a tablet, phone or computer. Lianna’s vision is to use her biomedical and mechanical engineering background to innovate towards helping individuals regain independence and quality of life while enabling them to live the life they imagine.

ImaginAble Solutions

Seavpor Teng

Lessons from the Edge Award

The challenges of simultaneously running a startup and studying are never-ending! Seavpor is a full-time student at Kirirom Institute of Technology; however, his passion is supporting the needs of his local community. Every weekend, Seavpor travels six hours from Kirirom Mountain to Phnom Penh, Cambodia to run his tech startup Fixh.me Co., Ltd. Fixh.me is a platform that connects household service experts to those who are facing household problems, such as electrical issues, plumbing, electronic device malfunction and more. His vision is to make household problems no problem at all.



Aruzhan Amanbaeva

Community Social Impact Award

Tne Soul Education is a safe and secure space for the development of children and parents. Aruzhan Amanbaeva believes that every child is special and deserves help in school, no matter what mental and/or physical problems they face. Tne Soul Education provides a unique course designed with psychologists and healthcare professionals that helps the child develop and provides greater interaction with the child’s parents. Aruzhan’s goal for the next three years is to enter the world market, make Tne Soul Education’s programme available in four languages (both on and offline) and help more than 20,000 children and parents.

The Soul

Selen Şenal

Global Social Impact Award

Selen Şenal is founder of Algae Biodiesel, which produces carbon negative biofuels from wastewater and flue gas by microalgae. Algae Biodiesel reduces emissions thanks to its superior carbon capture technology, all while providing a sustainable solution to industrial waste water and flue gas treatment. Algae Biodiesel aims to keep climate change below 1.5C. Selen hopes that carbon negative biofuels will expand across all markets where, due to high emission rates, fossil fuel consumption is impacting traditional systems at a critical level.



Charles de Belen

Pivot Award

Charles is the legal head of a congressional office, business consultancy and NGO focused on good governance. He served as the president of the Law Student Government, a 20x debating and mooting champion, and an editor of the Law Journal. Upon graduation, Charles was awarded the San Beda Alumni Award for Excellence and Leadership. He was also awarded for the most creative investment portfolio in the McGill International Portfolio Challenge and was named a COVID-19 Living Hero for his mobile app, EndCoV. His chatbot, Bantay, won in the UNDP’s Youth Social Innovation Lab and the ADB Digital Innovation Competition for Governance.


Ambula Gopi Raja

Together We Grow Award

Gopi Raja grew up as the son of a farmer. As a result, he has seen his father face many health problems from the pesticides used in their fields. To solve this problem experienced not only by his father, but the entire farming community, he and his co-founders created Drone Raja, a fertilizer-spraying drone capable of spraying fields with pesticide in less than ten minutes. The results have gained praise and attention from fellow farmers, leading to the founding of Fopple (the fourth apple) Drone Tech PVT. LTD. There are now over 50 Fopple franchises in India’s southern states.

Fopple Drone Tech Private Limited